1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Philippe P.'s Baur en France!

UPDATE 4/6/2014:  Thank you for the update on your Baur number today!  Baur #2981.  Baur #2981! Thank you, Philippe Pirlot! It IS listed in this register: http://bmwe21baur.npage.de/baur-tc1-register.html. But it is NOT listed in the other register: http://www.baur-tc.de/.../category/2957-a002000-a002999.html

Here is a pic from the registry, taken by a previous owner:

Welcome to Philippe P. of France and his beautiful 323i Baur!  Pics were posted in Facebook.

Welcome to Baurspotting, Philippe!


Stay tuned!

Thank you, Philippe!

TC Baur Advertisement with Body Kit

I found this today in another old bimmerforums thread from 2007.  Posted by Jeroen J.

Nice find, Jeroen!

E30 Baur Pick up Truck!

Here is an old post in E30 Bimmerforums from Baur Guru Jeroen J. showing a magazine writeup on the E30 pickup truck converted from a Baur.  It still shows up occasionally at car shows in Europe, and there is a second example in the US.


Here it is again at show in Germany.

Here is another example, but this one is E21 Baur-based.


Then there is THIS one:  a one-off M3 pickup with what looks like a Baur roof!  

"This M3 pickup was used strictly on the company’s premises, as it lacks street homologation. It was obviously used with little mercy, and it served as inspiration for this year’s April Fools’ Day project. Besides this company project, a few E30 pickups were actually built by small aftermarket companies in the 1980s—specifically for the Greek market, to use a tax loophole."


Bam2002's 1600 Voll Cabrio

Here is another old pic of a Voll Cabrio that was owned by bimmerforums member bam2002.  I found this on a thread dating back to 2007.  I believe it to be a 1602.

I believe bam2002 is still the owner, but I am not sure of that.  
UPDATE 3/31/2002:  BAM2002 is still the owner!  He left the following comment in Facebook this morning:
"Yes I have this one. Its now in black primer in line to be restored after I finish my Bavaria.......  I had a new rear quarter put on the car and rear floors. Then the shop that was working on it closed. Its been sitting for about 5 years. "

Congrats, bam2002 and thank you for the update!

I originally found it in this thread:

this is bam2002's page.... and he is OTHER Baur can be seen there also!

Stay tuned, I will try to track this one down!

Jeroen's White 325ix BAUR!

I stumbled on a very old page posted by Baur Guru Jeroen J. of The Netherlands.  The copy on the page is a little dated.  For example we know that there were actually about 112 of these 325ix Baurs built and..... Jeroen owns TWO of them!  His other 325ix Baur is red.

Here is a pic of his OTHER 325ix Baur in its natural element:

And both together.  :)

For those who are curious about the 325ix, NONE were ever imported to the US!  Not one.  

Day um.

For me, this is close to the ideal car!  And I can't think of anyone more appropriate than Baur Guru Jeroen to be the proud owner of TWO of them.

Wait.  Yes, I can.   ME!  :)  

But that is not likely to happen, so congrats to Jeroen!



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Obituary: Another One Bites The Dust! RIP E21 Baur #477

Our friend and fellow Baur owner Andreas Therstappen posted thes pics today in Facebook.   I am sad to report that Baur #477 will not be making any more road trips.

"this was a car from '78 one of the first Baur 323i." ----Andreas Therstappen

Thanks for the pics, Andreas!  and Godspeed to Baur #477!


The Most Famous 1600 Baur Cabrio: Katy Perry's Teenage Dream feat. "Bimwad"

Some guys have all the luck!

Check this out.... Rick from 'Urge To Drive' gets to drive the 1600 Cabrio that was used in the Katy Perry music video!

"Uploaded on Jun 18, 2011
Jumped at the chance to drive the car used in Katy Perry's music video for "Teenage Dream". Who wouldn't?? Threw some video-cams on the BMW 1600 Cabriolet and took it for a spin. I couldn't get the song out of my head so I figured the best thing to do is make a little parody video ... there, now the song is stuck in your head too! ;-)

Keep your eyes peeled for the SDGE van outside of the MTV Real World San Diego (La Jolla) house...set to start shooting in a couple weeks (July 2011).

Some details on the car.
- Reported to be the only BMW 1600 Cabriolet imported to USA (properly) - although there are approximately 90 "grey market" 1600 Cabs.
- Katy Perry supposedly saw this car being driven one day and asked to have it tracked down for the video.
- In some stills and video scenes from the real video, a couple of characters on the license plate are painted over and reads "600 AB" instead of "1600 CAB".
- The car had been detailed ~3 times since Katy Perry used it for filming. Car was dented (and repaired) during filming.
- Headrests were removed for the filming of the video.
- This 1600 has nearly 300,000 miles on it but drives like, well, what else...a dream.

Thanks Carl and Chris!"

OK..... here is the Katy Perry video again!  Try to remember to check out the Cabrio!  ;)


Here is more about Carl Nelson's famed 1600 Baur Cabrio:

Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky --- In A Baur!

Kylie Minogue's video filmed in an E30 TC2 Baur!    Enjoy!

Bart D.'S First Drive of the Year!

Congrats Bart, and thanks for posting!  Spring has arrived and out come the Baurs!  We are all looking forward to the warm weather and some top-down cruising!

Another reason to love that roll bar!  Can't do that in a regular convertible!  
Kylie Minogue shows the way:


Thanks, Bart!  Enjoy!

ebay Germany: BMW E21 BAUR CONVERTIBLE 320/6

Thanks to Artur Tadevosyan for posting this ebay link in Facebook last night!  Thanks, Artur!


"You are bidding on a beautiful BMW Baur Cabrio. I admit it, since I do not have time to finish it.
I had bought it that has never been seen by the customer from a paint their money! At bonnet and boot lid are all now but bubbles can be seen under the paint!
The soft top is new, what you can see or I would have the car were not renewed gekauft.Bremsscheiben front are only now rusted.
The engine runs nice only coolant runs out of the water pump, have already bought a new pump and new timing belt, which should be also taken part in the repair.
For a fair price, I'll give both parts! The tires are too old and need to be replaced, car is on steel rims.
Among the deficiencies that I have seen, two rust spots but which are usual at BMW, "a front right foot space and a right rear in the trunk to the wheelhouse.
Unfortunately missing a few interior pieces of equipment that have disappeared during Lackerer (trim, moldings, rear lock cover and sprocket covers, nothing that you can not organize!
The windshield is broken, I've already used worried and I give with this!
So now I've written everything to the best of knowledge here and I hope that the BMW a good new owner gets! Who has interest in a buyout can quickly contact me before three bids have been received,
then I let the auction run out so that everyone has the opportunity.
The sale is private and the exclusion of any defects liability and warranty for open or hidden Mängel.Den KM stand I pass quickly by.
Subsequent price negotiations I accept nicht.Spassbieter I'm liable to pay damages for non-acceptance of 30% through my lawyer. (Lt judgment AG Bremen)
The vehicle must be picked up 1 week after the end of the auction and paid cash! Each bidder agrees to these conditions! Visit allowed before!
Should you want to "restoration work!" on an Isetta can feel free to contact by mail by providing your email!"


Thanks, Artur!

1973 Turbo-Flared Inka Cabrio Targa from Iran

Thanks to our friend Smh Heidari from the DC area for these pics of this 1973 Turbo-flared Inka Baur Cabrio Targa.  it is located in Teheran, Iran.

Thanks, Smh!  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ron Perry's OTHER Alpina Tribute Baur! Circa 2007

Baurspotting never sleeps!  Look what we found!

I stumbled on this today, and I thought you might enjoy seeing more of Ron Perry's Baur work!

This is an E30 Alpina C2 2.7 Baur.  Nice work, as always, Ron!  :)

The pics are apparently from Jeroen's Register, and I believe this is Baur #40275, but I am not sure.

Where is this car now?

Congrats, Ron!



Friday, March 28, 2014

1982 BMW 323i E21 from Australia

Thanks to Clinton W. in Facebook for this link to an E21 Baur for sale in Australia!

1982 BMW 323i E21 from OZ

Very Rare E 21 323i 4 speed Manual BAUR TARGA CABRIOLET.
Mechanically and Cosmetically the car is completely restored.
The E21, the 1st generation of the now legendary 3 series is getting rare and well sort after.
The Bauer Targa Cabriolet was the out-sourced prototype to the BMW in-house Convertible, starting with the later E30 model.
The car has had the following work done:
Top overhaul with new head. The rare 4-speed manual gear box has been overhauled.
New Radiator and all hoses. A/C fully overhauled and nice and cold.
The original trim, seats and original carpet set is in VGC.
The car has also been recently re spayed in original Brazilian Gold.
This is a very rare car in WA and 3 Series BMW E21 Bauer Targa Cabs do not come any better than this one.
Serious enthusisats of the early classic BMWs will not be dissapointed at viewing this car.
I wish this car goes to a serious enthusiast and will be open to serious offers from a keen buyer.
I am selling this as I have collected far too many cars over the years and now some must go.
Also selling my E24 1980 BMW 635 CSi with the very rare manual-Getrag Gear Box., and the E32 1988 735i Auto - See relevant section in carsales.com. More PHOTOS have now been added.


Thank you, Clinton!