1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Mystery Baur Spotted In LA! Do you Know This Baur?

Thanks to Valya Robinson for posting these pics in R3VLimited Facebook page of an E21 Baur that he spotted in Cheviot Hills, near Los Angeles, CA.  He posted with the comment:  "Found a unicorn".  :)  Indeed, you have, Valya, and thank you for sharing it! 

It looks familiar to us, but I don't have all my files available, so I can't check for certain.  We have a number of white E21s in that area, but no definite match yet.

Does anyone recognize this Baur? 
UPDATE:  "Valya Robinson Hey I found this one by national and motor, I think beverlywill and cateragaues (sp) to be exact. Just on the east/south corner off cheviot hills."

Thanks for posting, Valya!  


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Brisbane Baur: E21 323i Baur Spotted In Lance Jurgeleit's Workshop!

UPDATE July 6, 2017:  We received a message from the owner, Adrian Anderson, along with an additional pic:  Welcome Adrian!
Adrian Anderson:  "Thank you all, it was great to see our car featured on this page. We have owned the car for around 25 years and are really looking forward to getting her back on the road with the help of Lance and the team at Brisbane Motor Works."

Thank you and best wishes, Adrian! 

Thanks to Mario Lamont for tagging me in this thread for this Polaris 323i E21 Baur.   This was posted in the BMWCQ E30 Register on Facebook, an Australian site.  The Baur was spotted in Lance Jurgeleit's workshop in Brisbane.  Baur number is 1734. This Baur is NOT yet listed in the International Baur Registries* so it qualifies as a NEW FIND!  Congrats to all, and welcome to Baurspotting! 
Here is Mario's tag:

E21 Baur and quite rare these days at Lance Jurgeleit's workshop.
Spent 15 years inactive in a garage.
Whether you like the Baur's or not, respect to the owner for spending good money to bring this classic back to life and keeping it on the road.
One for you Tom Schuch.

Thank you for the tag, Mario! Best wishes to the unknown owner and to Lance Jurgeleit and his Brisbane workshop, and we join with Mario in applauding your efforts to keep this Baur on the road!! 

And, again, Welcome to Baurspotting!


*International Baur Registries:


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VIDEO: E30 Baur Drifting!

Thanks to our friend and fellow Baur owner Ed poole for the link to this drifting video! Looks like fun!  ;)


Thanks, Ed!  

1984 Baur BMW 318i convertible - $2500 Chicago

Thanks to Brandon Simonson for sending me this link to a Baur in the Chicago area.

1984 Baur BMW 318i convertible - $2500

1984 bmw 318 i 
condition: good
cylinders: 6 cylinders
fuel: gas
odometer: 96000
paint color: silver
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: convertible
Rare car 1984 Baur BMW 318i convertible 
96k miles. Car runs very well no mechanical problems. Body needs a little work but is in good shape. No radio and soft top rear window is torn. Clean title $2500 firm


Thank you, Brandon!

1984 TC2 Project in Milwaukee, WI: $1500! And we DO mean PROJECT!

Thanks to Layne Wylie for the heads up on this TC2 project car in Milwaukee, WI.  This one is not for the faint of heart, folks!   We don't have the Baur number yet.  I am also curious:  we had a report about a black Baur that was spotted in Minnesota many years ago (like 2008, if memory serves), and we haven't been able to find it.  I wonder if this could be it!  I will do some checking, so stay tuned!

1984 BMW 325 TC2 Baur - $1500

1984 BMW 325i 
condition: fair
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
paint color: black
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual 
type: convertible 

Seller's comments:
Super rare Baur e30. There were fewer of these made than e30 M3s, and certainly less than 100 in the US. The TC2 Baur was made in advance of BMWs release of the e30 convertible. It has a removable targa roof panel, and a fold down section at the rear windows.  
This is a grey market car that has been in the US since the 80s. It has EURO BUMPERS, that aren't rusty but have some dings. Also has euro/german language check panel and OBC.
This is a full-on project. It basically needs EVERYTHING done. 
It doesn't run
It doesn't drive
It doesn't have an interior in it
It needs paint/body work and a new top.
But, it also comes with almost everything that is needed to put it back together.
I bought this car a few years back as a "barnfind", there was no engine with it and the interior had been inhabited by rodents. It was nasty. I stripped the interior and dropped in a known good 325i engine and 5 speed transmission. The engine is bolted up, but nothing else is hooked up as far as electrical connections, hoses, etc.
The body is surprisingly rust free, it has a little rust started by the trunk/battery area. The paint (Diamond Schwartz/black metallic) is in horrible shape, and the car has a lot of dings and scratches. It seems the car was in a hail storm at some point. I do have a decent hood and rear decklid to go with the car.
The floor pans need complete replacement. The top isn't watertight and the PO didn't keep it dry, so the floor pans are swiss cheese. The tops are still available from various sources.
As I said, the interior was pulled and tossed. I do have blue carpet and rear seat to go with it. Sorry no front seats.
Arguably the 5 speed swap, Euro bumpers and interior parts are worth close to the asking price.
I'd like to sell it, but also don't need to give it away. I've had it for years and I know it isn't going down in value. 

    Thank you, Layne! 

    Sunday, June 25, 2017

    BMW 2002 CABRIO BAUR 1973 For Sale in Italy....Again!

    BMW 2002 CABRIO BAUR 1973 For Sale in Italy!  We saw this same Baur listed a year ago on this same site*.  The price has increased since last year, btw!  It was originally £29900 last year, but it is now listed at £34900.  ;)

    It is hard to know what condition it is in, since the seller has only supplied one photo.  That might raise some flags for some folks.  Why not more pics?

    Text of the Listing;

    This is a very rare Bmw 2002 TopCabrio built by BAUR coachbilder.
    Converted in 1973, this 2002 has a rear soft top and a center Targa hard top.
    The car has been recently fully restored to as new conditions keeping the original colour and the interior details.
    It absolutelly hard to find this model on the market today and it is alrady a collector car.

    I can export it Worldwide with our shipping agents support.

    Price:£34900 As stated
    Advert Type:For Sale
    Category:Classic Cars
    Model (alt):2002 CABRIO BAUR
    E-mail:Contact Advertiser via Email
    Listing Date:21-Jun-2017


    * Here is our post from May 2016 about this very same Baur:

    Thursday, June 22, 2017

    TC1 Baur Brings $15250 on Bring A Trailer Auction Today!

    Boom! Thanks to our friend and fellow Baur owner Eric B. out in LA for alerting me to the final gavel price on Baur #2175 on Bring a Trailer: $15,250! Woo hoo! ;)

    Text in red is from Bring a Trailer :
    This 1981 BMW 323i is a Baur-converted car with a two-component top featuring a folding rear section and a removable targa center top. The 323i was never sold in the United States, and this car was imported in the mid 1980s. The previous owner had the car for about nine years and swapped the automatic for a 4-speed manual transmission. He also converted the tan interior to grey and added Bilstein shocks, H&R springs, polyurethane bushings, upgraded swaybars, and an aluminum radiator. This E21 is offered with a clean Georgia title in the seller’s name.
    Per a conversation with the previous owner, this E21 wears original paint apart from the rear valence and filler panel. A few minor scratches and defects are shown. The distinctive Baur top comes in two pieces. The removable targa panel is original, though the folding rear portion has been replaced. The latter is well fitted and has a clear plastic rear window, and the former is in good condition, though the inner liner is said to be somewhat threadbare at the edges.
    The suspension has been modified with numerous new parts including Bilstein HD shocks and H&R springs, which lower the car about half an inch. The car also features upgraded swaybars and new polyurethane bushings, which the seller has pictured in the gallery during the installation process with the subframes and other components out of the car.
    The battery has been relocated to the trunk, and the tool kit is nearly complete.

    The seller swapped out the original dash and center console for uncracked examples from a donor car. The donor center stack is from a non-A/C car, and this car is no longer equipped with A/C. An aftermarket stereo is fitted in the stock location. An Alpina steering wheel is shown in some of the interior photos, though the stock E21 steering wheel pictured above will be sold with the car. All of the instrumentation is working, though the end of the speedometer needle has broken off and is resting inside the bottom of the cluster. The 62,500 miles indicated are not believed accurate.

    The previous owner had the driver’s seat professionally widened by an upholstery shop. The seller notes a slight twist to the driver’s seatback, though the seat is said to remain comfortable.

    The drivetrain is said to be close to standard for a manual gearbox car, and includes a 2.3L straight-six backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The 323i produced the most horsepower and torque of the E21 family, with 141 horsepower and 140 ft-lb of torque. An aluminum radiator and a strut tower bar have been fitted.

    Numerous photos of the underside of the car are provided in the gallery link below, along with photos of the suspension components removed to add the polyurethane bushings.

    Lots more pics here:


    Congratulations to both the buyer and seller!  And thank you to Eric B. for alerting us to the Finale!  

    All's Well That Ends Well! 

    1973 BMW "Condorgelb" Baur Targa / Convertible: "Nuts and Bolts" Restoration!

    Thanks to Werner van den Wijngaert for sharing this info in the Facebook BMW 2002 Classifieds today! It is offered by Car Cave, a Belgian company, linked below*.  Lots more pics on their site, btw.  It is a "Fresh "nuts and bolts" restored 1973 BMW 2002 Baur Targa convertible conversion in the original Condorgelb. A color that was only available on the Baur."  

    About this car

    Fresh "nuts and bolts" restored 1973 BMW 2002 Baur Targa convertible conversion in the original Condorgelb. A color that was only available on the Baur. It was built March 1973 and supplied to France. The first owner kept the car until the second half of the 80's. Then it was bought by the second owner in Spain. A few months ago it was painstakingly restored to concourse condition. It was completely taken apart. The body was restored with original body panels. The interior is new and finished in the original black fabrics. With a new set carpets. The targa roof and softtop were finished in black Sonnenland fabrics. New headlamps were placed. All mirrors were renewed. New rubbers on all doors and boot. Complete new exhaust system. With five new tyres and fresh repainted wheels. And the original and matching engine was checked and tuned. The complete brake system was rebuild with new brake calipers and brake pads.Renewed Hardy dics. And an original Bavaria radio mounted in the dashboard.
    This low mileage example is one of the 2317 produced. Power comes for the famous and very reliable M10 - 4 cylinder engine with 2000 cc with single carburetor producing 100 hp. It is a 2 door 4 seater convertible with the targa style body. With solid targa roof and soft window like used in some Porsche. This gives the car many possibilities using those roofs. It is rear wheel drive with a 4 speed manual gearbox.
    Briefly an unique opportunity to purchase a 2002 Baur in a timeless color combination. Restored in all its details. Ready to hit the road again.
    If you want more information please contact our sales team.


    Thanks for posting, Werner!