1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Baur M20 New Year's Timing Belt Project: Meet Long Johns Silver!

After some initial reluctance due to the chilly weather, and a bit of friendly prodding from Greg in Australia (where it is summer, btw) I decided to 'bite the bullet', and begin the timing belt change on my 1982 323i Baur this afternoon.  I ordered the parts a few weeks ago with the intention of using it as a winter project.  I actually plan on doing TWO timing belt projects this winter:  the Baur and my 1991 325ix.  I did the Baur timing belt when I first bought it in 2010 (actually winter of 2010-11) because the odometer was broken, and it said that it had been done at 231,000.  The odometer has been stuck at 242,000 since I bought it (and long before that!), so I am am just going on the elapsed time (approximately 4 years), rather than the mileage guidance.  The rule of thumb for the M20 timing belt service (depending on who you ask) is 4 years or 50,000 miles.    I am at the '4 years' point, and, since it is a daily driver, I am probably not far from the 50K either.  I love this car so I will not wait any longer!

So, Step I:   be prepared!  It is a little chilly outside, so I want to dress for the occasion!  I brought out my good friend:  Long Johns Silver!

Yeah, you heard that right!  Meet my friend, Long Johns Silver!  An invaluable friend when you have to work outside in the winter weather.  Accept no substitutes!  ;)

N.B.  I was very comfortable all afternoon, despite the fact that the temperature actually dropped into the 20's.  

OK, now to the work at hand.  I followed the standard procedure.

 NUMERO UNO:  Stay safe!  Here is my set up: the front end is up on steel ramps.  In the unlikely event that those steel ramps collapse, I have inserted a redundant safety system of 3 ton steel jackstands under the front end.  Rear wheels are chocked with 4 x4 wood blocks.  Emergency brake is set.  I have rocked the hell out of this set up:  there is no way it is coming down on me.  I can roll under it in complete confidence.  
Sidenote:   I accepted a delivery for our neighbor today, who was not at home when Fedex delivered it.  When she came to collect her package, I was under the Baur on a creeper, preparing to remove the damper.  She was very surprised to find me there and asked:  "Isn't that dangerous?"  'Yes, it is", I said, "but I have taken proper precautions."  ;)

And here they are... I NEVER get tired of reiterating how important it is to be safe!  Use redundant safety systems, boys and girls!

Rear wheels are chocked with 4 x 4s, and the emergency brake is set.

 Driver's wheel on a steel ramp with a 3 ton jack stand as a backup.
 Passenger's wheel is also on a steel ramp with a 3 ton jack stand as a backup.
 Steel rim under the chassis as a further safety backup.    If the ramp collapses and the steel jackstand fails, the car will fall on this rim, giving me a an escape route, in a worst case scenario.   Always do this.

This is my stopping point today:  cooling system drained, radiator removed along with all hoses; timing belt covers removed;  timing set at TDC.   Ready to remove and replace belt.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Barry's 1986 TC2 320i in Scotland!

Thanks to Barry L. of Scotland for sending a pic of his white 1986 TC2 320i Baur today! Welcome to Baurspotting!

Here is the pic he sent:

He sent this one a short time later. 

But in the meantime, I had done a little search, and sure enough, I came up with several more pics of this very same Baur!   Small Baur World strikes again!

Interesting in that appears to be a left hand drive car, in a RHD country!  There must be a story behind that!  ;)

We are not sure of the Baur plate number yet, but we think it may be Baur # B45009-13, based on a comment from our friend, Jeroen J. of The Netherlands.  

UPDATE December 31, 2014:  New pics from Barry!  

Baur Number:  B45009!

Thanks, Barry!

Stay tuned, we shall see if that is indeed the number!

Congrats to Barry!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Project Journal: 1973 '02 Rear Brakes ... and Old School Brake Tool Demo ;)

You may recall that I recently discovered a problem with my rear brakes on my 1973 '02 project car: I snapped a brake lining off the right rear wheel.  The car had been sitting unused for a while, and the brake froze up.

I took advantage of the mild weather we are enjoying in southern New England this week to replace the rear brake shoes.  I also wanted to take the opportunity to demonstrate the use of an 'old school' brake tool:

I have a very similar tool in my kit, but I haven't done any drum brakes jobs since.... wow, I don't even know when!  The last time I recall doing a drum brake job, I remember adjusting the brakes by turning the star wheel.  I discovered this weekend, that BMWs do not have that star wheel for brake adjustment!  So it is possible that the last drum brake job I did was on my 1964 Chevy Impala..... which I gave to a friend in 1974!  ;)  So it has been a while!  

Here is a pic showing one way to use this tool:

The hooked end of the tool is being used to grab the spring, and pull it into its hole.   It is worth noting that you can also see leaf springs in the pic!  When was the last time you saw those!!!  ;)

In this pic, you can see that I am doing basically the same thing as the previous pic:  grabbing the spring and stretching it to its assigned hole.   Very easily done with this tool.  

This is the lower spring on the left rear brake of the 2002, btw.  The peculiar design of this tool makes it very easy to hook it around this spring and pull it to its designated hole on the trailing brake shoe.  The other end of this spring is attached to the front shoe, and then it is placed behind the 'anchor plate' in the middle.  The spring snaps very readily into place, thanks to this brake tool.  I love it!  ;)
In this pic I am using the brake tool to properly position the upper spring.
This pic shows the lower brake spring being inserted in the front shoe using the brake tool. 
Brake job completed, the 2002 goes on a little test run to relax and have a beer with his cousins at my son Brian's place, a few blocks away.  My 1991 325ix is in the foreground, and the 1989 325iC Convertible can be seen at the top of the pic.  

It is helpful to have a couple of 'safe houses' around town where you can stash a few vehicles.  As my accomplice and co-conspirator, Brian gets to enjoy the use of those two little specialty vehicles.  Depending on the weather, and the ambient temperature, he may choose the convertible in the summertime, and the AWD ix in the winter!

BTW, that two-toned 2002 will hopefully soon be looking a little different.... that is just primer

 on there now. It will still be two-toned, but it will be sporting a more ..... ummm ...

appropriate BMW livery! Trust me on that!   I can hardly wait! Stay tuned!  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014 From Baurspotting!

Merry Christmas From Baurspotting!

Baurspotting has had a great year, thanks to your support, and the support of so many Baurspotters all over the planet!  We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you, and to wish you and your families the Best Tidings of the Season in whatever context you celebrate it!

And remember, in the words of Denis "Jenks' Jenkinson,

"If you aren't grinning when you are driving.....  you should be taking the bus!"

---Denis "Jenks" Jenkinson, Automotive Journalist, par excellence.  Navigator to Sir Stirling Moss on his epic win at the 1955 Mille Miglia.  

If you don't know that story, and you consider yourself a car guy'..... You owe it to yourself to stop whatever you are doing, and read this story NOW!  ;)


I am dead serious.  Read it!  You can thank me later!  ;)  

Stay Tuned for more Baurspotting in 2015!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Last Minute Shopping For Your Car Guy!

Still looking for that last minute stocking stuffer for the car guy in your life?  Here is the answer to your prayers!

Starting fluid from Australia. Another reason I love the Aussies! Thanks for posting Craig Saxon. 

Starting fluid from Australia. Another reason I love the Aussies! Thanks for posting Craig Saxon. 

Notice the BMW image on the can for 'petrol"!    Perfect!

Getting it  in time for the Holidays may be a bit of a challenge------  unless you live in Australia!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

1986 BMW 325i E30 M Sport $22,000* in Australia! ReallY?

1986 BMW 325i E30 M Sport

 Thanks to Craig S. for the heads up on this TC2 Baur for sale in Australia.

Wow, $22,000.  Really?

Very nice looking, low mileage example.... but is that a dent I see on the drivers side front quarter near the headlight?  And an automatic transmission?  Even if it s special automatic... it is still an auto tranny.  BTW, if you click on "transmission" in the specs section it says 5 speed manual, although this is clearly an automatic.  That sort of carelessness makes me skeptical of the seller:  what else are they careless or misinformed about?  What is under those sheepskin seat covers?  For 22 grand we deserve to see the real condition of the interior!

The E30 Baurs are great cars but I think $22,000 is a bit.... optimistic for this one.  Stay tuned!

This Model is not listed in the carsales listing, this model was not imported by BMW with this kind of engine, the year of built is 1985, therefore the figures above are not correct.

A BMW enthusiasts dream, German direct import 1986, with 4 speed automatic gearbox from 635 CSi,factory fitted, with 3 electro-hydraulic drive program switch: sport-economy- 3-2-1
This BMW 325i has a powerful 6 cylinder multy petrol 2.5 litre engine. Lady owner since new. The 1985 BMW 325i will make you the envy of your mates. It has been garaged since it was purchased. It has a full service history available. 46450 miles=74320 km on the clock only.
I like to sell as we have already bought another cars. My car has been trouble free. It belongs to non-smoker. It has just recently had a major service. It has a clear accident history. Watch the heads turn as you cruise the streets. This car is pre catalytic converter therefore much faster than other BMW.This car represents great value at $22,000. It has been certified as roadworthy.

This BMW 325i 1985 Sport has a powerful 6 cylinder 2.5 litre engine. Watch the heads turn as you cruise the streets.

This BMW 325i 1985 won't last long at this price $22,000. 46450 miles = 74320 km on odometer only. This car comes with a complete roadworthy certificate.
Some Parts also available incl. new Tachometer in km"


I am curious to see what it finally sells for!  I hope he gets the $22,000..... but I doubt that he will.  

Thank you, Craig!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rare US Spec E21 Baur For Sale in Georgia!

Thanks to Elliot G. for posting this ad in Facebook today!  Turns out we know this Baur!  It is Baur #2581, which formerly belonged to our friend, Ras S. of Atlanta, GA.  We have written about it here in Baurspotting previously, and you will find some links to those earlier posts at the end of this post.

This is a special car, btw.  It is one of only 25 US Spec Baurs that were officially imported to the US by Baur.... 22 of which actually went to Canada, including this one.  Only 3 US Spec Baurs were imported to the US.

Here is Baur Guru Jeroen J.'s list of the 25 Baurs that BMW imported to North America:

If you look down the "Baur Nr" column, you will find Baur 2581 'Alpineweiss".  That is this car.  This car originally came with a US Spec 320i engine.  I am not sure what is in it now, but the seller does say that it does not run.  I would love to see some engine pics!  ;)

I spoke to the seller, Donny, on the phone this morning.  I think he is a bit optimistic on the price, especially since it is listed as a 'non-running' car.  But since it IS one of the 25 ultra-rare US Spec E21 Baurs  imported to North America, it is a potential collectible, and I believe that that is where it's true value lies.  I hope someone will restore this Baur as a 320i, and not just swap in another engine.  But that is just me.  I am a purist.

The most important thing is that someone save this Baur.  If they choose to make it their own, swap in an M20 or whatever, that is their prerogative.  I personally wouldn't do that, but... I am not in a position to buy this car:  I have 7 BMWs already, and I want to STAY married!  :)

Somebody save it!  :)

I would like to see some interior pics, and some pics of the engine bay.  I have always loved the E21s in white, and this is a pretty good pic.... the car is pretty sharp from this angle..... and it has potential!

Seller's comments:
"i have a 1983 bmw e21 baur for sale its white , tan interior, blue top, it doesn't run, it's a 5 speed car with recaro sport seats, lsd, exhaust headders, racing sway bar, side skirts, front valance,...parked the car and it wouldn't start, it seems to be locked but it was never knocking when parked,,,u can just swap it with a m20 direct bolt on. call Donny 770-369-0121

******************CAR HAS SOME RUST HERE AND THERE*******"

Here are some older pics from the Baurspotting files, sent to me by Ras, the previous owner..... these were taken before the trunk lip spoiler was removed.  Same car, as you can easily see.  I actually prefer the clean lines of the trunk without the spoiler.  I think I have those same wheels on my 1991 325ix, btw.  Mine are 15s, I wonder what these are.  :)

Here is the craigslist ad:

Here is a link to a discussion today about this car, after Elliott posted it in Facebook:  Vintage BMW's of Central Florida:

Previous Baurspotting posts about Baur 2581:

Thanks for posting, Elliot G., and good luck with your sale, Donny!  

Friday, December 19, 2014

1981 323i Baur in Germany

Thanks to our friend, and alert Baurspotter, Craig S. for posting this link to a Baur for sale in Germany!
5,000 EUR

Square headlights and all!

Cabriolet / Roadster, Used vehicle 

FR 08/1981
236,556 km
105 kW (143 PS)
Manual gearbox


Thank you, Craig!  ;)  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

VIDEO! Paul Bracq, BMW Chief of Design 1970-74

Thanks to Craig S. for posting the link to this great video featuring Paul Bracq himself, Car Designer Extraordinaire!  Enjoy!

Here are two of more famous designs:
The Mercedes W115.  Until recently, I owned an identical model, a  white 1975 300D.  What a great car!

The famous BMW Turbo concept, which gave rise to only supercar that BMW ever built:  the M1!  Lest we forget, the M1 was completed by Baur under BMW supervision, when Lamborghini was unable to fulfill its contract to build it.

The article which includes this Paul Bracq video appeared in Carbuzz:

Who is Paul Bracq?


We have featured the M1 in Baurspotting many times before.  Like this one:

And here is our friend Paul S. driving one at Munich Evolution:

Search M1 in the Baurspotting sidebar to see a bunch more, including a bunch in the US.

Thank you, Craig!