1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

WTF Dept: Real Flying Rocket Belt or Jetpack on Ebay

This is from the ebay listing for this item.  Yes, it is apparently a real, James Bond-type Rocket Belt/Jetpack.   Check it out.  Only $25,000.

Thanks to Rob "The Hack Mechanic' Siegel for posting this in Facebook tonight!  Thanks, Rob!  :)

You know you want one.  :)

Well, that is the starting bid.  :)

Starting bid:
US $25,000.00
0 bids ]
Enter US $25,000.00 or more

Real and flying Rocket Belt
For the first time you can buy a real and a flying Rocket Belt
This is real flying machines in ready to fly conditions, this Rocket Belt design was test flown by Bill Suitor the best Rocket Belt pilot from Bell, this Rocket Belts are the most powerful ever produced and they have lifted a pilot with a weight of 304 lbs. (138 kilos).
For sale will be two of the shown Rocket Belts, two are used very little and two are brand new never used, the used ones have a corset made to my body mold and can be padded to adjust to another pilot, the new Rocket Belts have a universal fit corset that can be used by any pilot.
This is not a toy, these are the real and flying Rocket Belts or Jetpacks that you have seen in many movies, TV programs and shows.
These machines may be a great business doing shows and the machine can be paid in a few flights, this is your opportunity to be the next "Rocketman".
We can provide unlimited supply of the rocket fuel that is propulsion grade 90% hydrogen peroxide.
Flight time on this Rocket Belt is 30-32 seconds, the original Bell was 21 seconds only.
You can see a video of one of my rocket belts flown here http://youtu.be/aCyjWF37OGo
NO test flights of any kind, the machine is in perfect flying condition and you must train to fly with your own fuel and training rig that we can supervise and advise you how to fly it and train, we can show you step by step in our place how to set up, fill the tanks, charge the nitrogen tank and how to fly and maintain it.
For your first flights and for the training you need a tether rig with a cable that will hold you for safety, once you master the flight in the tether rig then you can start making your first free flights and continue with your training to be able to make public flights.
This machine doesn´t require any license or flight permit that we know and all the flights are low and slow most of them in stadiums and special events.

You don´t need to be a pilot to fly this machine, in fact it is better if you are not a pilot, but it will help if you ride a bicycle or motorcycle because the sideways motion control.


Baur Cabrio Restoration in Norway

Wow, huh?  :)

This is Terje Pettersen's 1600 Cabrio Project: Norway

"1600 cab in for some serious rust repair. It has been welded on earlier, but it is a crappy job so everything on left side has to go inner and outer sill and cab reinforcment rear fender and outer wheel housing and trunk floor.

it is also going to be resprayed in its original colour "condor" and all new upholstery."

Here is why Baurspotting loves this project:

Terje Pettersen no. i am just helping a friend  baur only made 1680 wollcab versions and as far as i know only 3 in Norway so it is pretty rare. 

And here is Paul Wegweiser's response to Terje's comment, which is one of the reasons that we love Paul here at Baurspotting: 
Paul Wegweiser A *real* 1600 cab is a real 1600 cab. It's not about money, I suspect... it's about preservation. I totally respect that. 

Here are the other pics that Terje has posted so far:

Here is a pic of my friend Dirk's 2002 Cabrio by Baur in Condor Yellow, which is the color Terje intends to finish his project in.  This pic was taken in Florida, and gives you an idea what the car in the pic above will eventually look like.

One thing always seems to lead to another, and sure enough it has happened here.  We just heard from Espen Alms, the following quote in the same Facebook thread:

Espen Alm I havent started my restoration yet, but I am soon going to do the same job on 1600cab nr #39. Interesting to see how you do Things. I have bought all new parts from BMW exept from the rear panels. I recomend using a jig before you do any more cutting.

So we learn of another Baur Cabrio restoration!   Woo hoo!

I sent the following message to Espen:
Espen, please post some pics. Baurspotting is always interested to learn of Baur cabrios being restored! Kudos!

This is all we know about Espen, for now.   We do know that Espen is a Norwegian name, so perhaps he is in Norway also.  We shall see.  We do not know anything further about his car or his location.  But we DO know that he has a Baur 1600 Voll Cabrio, and that is all we need to be interested and supportive of the work he is doing!  

We look forward to hearing more about these projects from both Terje and Espen!

Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  here is a link to some pics of Espen's Baur restoration project!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

BMW M1: The Forgotten Supercar - XCAR

Happy Thanksgiving!  A special treat:  a video featuring the BMW M1 Supercar!


Thanks to Classic and Vintage BMW for posting this in Facebook tonight!

NEW! BMW 2002 VIN Decoder From Club BMW 2002 Colombia!

Thanks to fdovargas from 2002FAQ for this link to a BMW 2002 VIN Decoder From Club BMW 2002 Colombia!  this is an old post from 2009, but just bumped up again today.

Thanks, Fernando!

"The VIN decoder is based on the VIN tables of Mike Macartney books and some unknown dates from Andreas Harz. The VIN numbers of CKD's are from BMW Car Club Uruguay and the BMW 2002 Portugal Web Site (Pedro Pires).....
... the VIN decoder only identify if your BMW is USA or Euro version, not identify the importer or city, or export date. The exactly date and importer only was supplied for Mr. Harz.

If appear Region: USA, your BMW 2002 is U.S.A. version car, not exported to USA necessarily    .....
---- fdovargas.

VIN Decoder: http://www.bmwclasicos.com/vin.php

Color Chart:

VINs by series:

And Baur Targa stuff!!

Baur Voll Cabrio!

Baur 1600 Cabrio!

And much more!  Check it out!

Thanks, Fernando and Club BMW 2002 Colombia!

Jes' Chillin' On Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving From Baurspotting!  
Are you ready for some football?  This bird sure is!  :)

Thanks to Mark Dean who posted this in Facebook today!  
I am no cook. But I can follow the directions. Which said to let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours."

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

REPOST: Car Guy Plan For A Safe Thanksgiving Turkey

Repost:   In the interests of keeping all of our car guy friends safe again this year, here is a great idea for frying your turkey!  I love this!

Ummm, not this one.  This is MY idea of Turkey Bacon.

OK, not this one either. 


Thanks to Baur owner BruceH for posting this in Facebook!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here ya go:

I love it!

How To Deep Fry A Turkey With An Engine Hoist

Fried turkey, the official food of Thanksgiving hoons, only gets better when prepared with an engine hoist. Here's Mike Bumbeck's holiday classic on how to dunk your bird in boiling oil properly. — Ed.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jalopnik: Engine Hoist Turkey Deep Fry

Those of you who have not yet deep-fried a turkey and enjoyed its crispy yet still juicy goodness are indeed missing out on the turkey day experience. This deep-frying exercise is not to be taken lightly. Hooking a propane tank up to a flimsy stand upon which five gallons of hot oil and a big 'ole turkey sit bubbling is a recipe for one heck of a grease fire. Even lowering the big bird into the bubbling oil is an exercise in danger. Jalopnik is here to show you how to deep-fry even a monster bird with relative safety and amusement.
Each year the warnings hit the news about the dangers of deep-frying a turkey. Some folks compete for the Darwin award and try to pull this off inside. This is a very bad idea. Please do not attempt to deep-fry turkeys in the house. Also don't try to pull this off on a dried out wooden deck attached to the house. That being said, the second great problem is lowering the giant bird into the hot oil without getting burned. Years ago we stumbled upon this procedure over at Big Nate's house at a holiday-related function. A 17-pound bird on sale for six bucks at Ralph's and an engine hoist sitting in the garage got us thinking it was a procedure worth revisiting.
What You'll Need:
· Turkey Fryer Setup
· Engine Hoist
· 5-gallons Peanut Oil
· Propane and Propane Accessories
· Service Cart or Similar
· Turkey
· Bailing Wire
· Hand Tools
Prepare the fryer setup. Place bird in fryer pot. Cover with water. Remove bird. Mark or note water level. This is how much oil you'll need. Dry the pot and add the same amount of oil.
Wash and dry the bird inside and out. Prepare the bird. No stuffing! We kept it simple and used our sekrit spice rub for additional flavor.
Light the burner and heat peanut oil to 325 degrees. Don't set the world on fire. Don't go play video games and leave the pot unattended.
While the oil is heating up affix the bird and holder to the engine hoist. Bailing wire is your friend.
Position the turkey and hoist for lowering. Beware not to knock the fryer setup over with hasty or ham-fisted hoist movements!
Release hydraulic pressure on the engine hoist to SLOWLY lower the bird into the oil. Watch for spattering. That oil is wicked hot. Cook turkey about 3 1/2 minutes per pound.
Success! Raise cooked turkey from oil. This 17-pounder was cooked to crispy perfection in under an hour. Allow bird to drain and cool over grease pot.
Use hoist to lower the bird onto a service cart or similar. Unhook the bird. Relocate bird from garage to house. Carve and enjoy! 


Whoa! Z1 WAGON!!! What????

OK, I confess. This one caught me completely by surprise.  Thanks to Kultkarren for posting these pics of this Z1.

BMW Z1 Coupé Prototyp - 1991




The BMW Z1 Coupé. The base for the platform concept.
The original research project – that was ultimately to bring forth the creation of the BMW Z1 – included fundamental research in the areas of bodywork construction, materials and development processes.
Right from th

e outset, this included pushing out the envelope and applying the newly created methods to several vehicle concepts. The BMW Z1 became a runaway hit with the public as a fascinating roadster, and it had the potential for being joined by other model versions using this approach.
Plans included a coupé and a four-wheel drive version of the BMW Z1. The prerequisites for this kind of diversification were engineered into the design of the floor pan, and chassis. And a design was actually created for a BMW Z1 coupé that is virtually unknown in the public arena to the present day.
The plastic model of the BMW Z1 coupé is being presented in broad public for the first time to celebrate the landmark anniversary of BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH.
This design demonstrates the potential of a unique platform strategy for roadsters and closed coupés. Benchmarks were defined in the course of this project – designated internally as the BMW Z2 – that included key components with the capability for use in several vehicle concepts.
These knowledge assets constituted the platform for innovative development processes that were subsequently incorporated in new BMW models and permitted exceptionally efficient diversification of the model profile.
However, the so-called “off-roadster” was to remain a study in wood, clay and plastic resembling the styling incorporated in the Z1, and the concept was not taken any further.
While the BMW Z1 coupé never succeeded in getting on the road, the innovative platform strategy was used for the first time only a few years later during the development of a series vehicle.
In 1995, BMW presented the BMW Z3 roadster. The two-seater immediately captured the public imagination as a puristically open symbol of sheer driving pleasure. By contrast, the potential for an expansion of the model range was not, however, obvious at first glance. The concept was realised in 1998 when the BMW Z3 coupé was launched in the marketplace, which led to the M Coupe.
(source: BMW)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2002 Cabrio Targa Parts Needed For Restoration!

UPDATE: 7:45PM 11/26/2013.
John has just posted the following note in Facebook in response to the Baurspotting post:
"I really appreciate you helping here. This is a very special car. It was owned by a HUGE enthusiast, and past president of BMWCCA. For many years before he passed on, this was his biggest focus. His garage caught fire, and did more damage to his hopes and dreams for the car than it actually did to the car itself! It sat for many years, until he passed away. The car is going back together for him. He did an amazing amount for the BMW community through the years."

OK, boys and girls.... let's see what we can do to help John out with such a worthwhile project!

John Barlow of SoCal Vintage BMW posted this in the Baur BMW Owners Group in Facebook a little while ago:

"I am in the process of restoring a 1973 Baur 2002Tii at the moment. The car was in a fire many years ago, and it was left without any of the trim or hardware for the soft top portion.
I am basically in need of all of the soft top and soft top trim items, as well as the small rear quarter windows. Does anyone have any combination of new or used parts to get this car back on the road? Any help, or leads you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. I want this car back on the road this spring!

Thank you."

(These are the cars we are talking about:  2002 Cabrio Targas by Baur.  this pic is from austin Texas in November 2013. Terry Sayther owns the white one (which is an M2, btw)  and the red one.)

This is truly a rare bird!  I am not aware of anyone parting a 2002 Cabrio Targa---- there were only around 2000 made, and how many are left... is an open question.

So.... anyone with parts available, or who may be knowledgeable about where parts could be obtained.... your assistance is needed.

Let's help John get this rare Baur Cabrio Targa back on the road!  

If you can help, contact the Baur BMW Owners Facebook page, John Barlow at SoCal Vintage, or shoot me an email at:

I look forward to hearing from you!


Another Baur in Tunisia!

Thanks to our friend, Amine K., for these pics from another E21 Baur in Tunisia!  Amine tells me that it is a 320/6, the M20b20 carbureted engine.

Thank you, Amine!

Square grill!!

The pics are from RED at this site:

Thanks for sending them to us, Amine!

Baurs in Autoweek!

I stumbled on these pics today, taken last summer at Larz Anderson Museum on BMW Day!  This article appeared 8/21/2013.

Congrats to Rodney and Ed!

The Great Baur Awakening Continues Unabated!  

What's next? A Baur IN a museum collection? 
Baurspotting has the scoop in the works!  

Stay tuned!

Rodney's E21 Baur:

BMW 3-series Baur Photo by: Jay Ramey

Another Baur cabrio, this time on the E21 chassis. Photo by Jay Ramey.

Ed (THEPOOLEMAN) and his former  E30 TC Baur:
BMW 3 series Baur cabriolet conversion Photo by: Jay Ramey

A rare BMW E30 Baur cabrio, one of just a handful we've seen. Photo by Jay Ramey.

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20130821/carnews01/130829992#ixzz2llkEK4kq
Follow us: @AutoweekUSA on Twitter | AutoweekUSA on Facebook


Baur in South Africa!

Wheelz N' Smoke photoshoot posted by Diki Loungelizzard Sehlabo featuring a red TC2 Baur.  Shared by SABeemer.co.za .  

And yes, btw.  There IS a Baur in those pics!  Look carefully.  It's that big red thing in the background.  


Thanks for posting!


Monday, November 25, 2013

E21 Baur in Lebanon

Thanks to our friend, Charbel H. for these pics of a nice E21 Baur in Lebanon.  It is reportedly for sale.

Asking price:  $15,000!!!


Good luck with the sale!

Thanks, Charbel!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving From Baurspotting!

Thanks to Harry B. for posting this in Facebook!

"We are sooooo OUTTA HERE!  Hasta la vista, baby!"   ;)
Have a great Thanksgiving week!

WTF Dept: Future Car Nissan Pivo With Inbuilt Robot HD

Thanks to Richard S. for posting this in Facebook!

You enter it like the old BMW Isetta, and it really is an ugly goofy looking thing!  But wait until you see how it parallel parks!


Check it out!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Amine K's TC1 Baur in Tunisia!

Thanks to Alejandro Marion for the heads up on this link to a new Baur in Tunisia!  Thanks, Alejandro!

NEW FIND!  (See below.)

Here are Amine K's introductory comments in Facebook tonight:
Hi guys,I have a bmw e21 baur (m10b18 engine),I also have an e23 (m30b28) and I'm thinking of swapping the m30 in the e21.what do you guys think ??

This is my lovely e21 

More to come. folks!  
Thank you, Amine, for the Baur plate pic:  Baur #4254, although it is a little hard to see in this pic.  Amine is going to send us another.  

I checked this Baur number, and since it is not yet listed in the International Baur Registry, it qualifies as a NEW FIND! 

Stay tuned!

Check out the link, and join the discussion!