1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MORE Baurs at the Vintage!!!


That should be a video containing the following:

50 secs: red E30 Baur
1:15 : the white E21 that HarryPR refers to with the Motorsport air dam
4:53 : the other red E30 Baur
5:22 : Steve Shauer's  E21
6:19 : the white 2002 Baur with the Targa roof on the front hood
6:38 : the black E30 Baur TC2
8:16 : the other white E21 with the steel wheels

It can also be found here on  page 3:


Thanks to HarryPR for posting this from 2002FAQ!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Baurs at the Vintage 2011


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baurhunting: Can We Find This Baur?

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it the official start of the summer season. We all know that that means car shows and convertibles will be everywhere.

With that in mind, I am reviving this search because ..... we have discussed it in the Baurs in the US thread, we have it listed in the sidebar on this blog, and because..... I would REALLY like to find this car!!

According to our Baur Guru, Jeroen, if it is indeed the car that we think it may be, it was once owned by Christiane Baur! That makes it a very special car with notable provenance, perhaps. We won't know for sure until we find it and positively identify it.

The car was photographed in Merrick, Long Island, NY in 2009, and appeared In Mark Spizzirri's blog.


The ubiquitous Jeroen naturally spotted the blog and is listed in the comments section. This guy doesn't miss a THING, Baur-wise!! .

This would be a great time to locate this car, given that conkitchen has put his rebuilt Baur on the market in California. You may recall that his car has the Baur plate for the Baur that was once owned by another member of the Baur family, Michael Baur. His sale is listed in it's own thread as well as the 'Baur TC1 in the US' thread in this forum.



So anyway, I am asking, ---- ok, I'm begging!---- for any forum members out on Long Island, in the NY metro area, the mid-Atlantic and New England States regions to keep your eyes peeled for this car! If it still exists, and I think it does, this is the time of year when it will come out of hiding!!

Let's find it!

Square headlights, dark grey color, NY plates DHA 8816, license plate holder says 'Movin on', single tailpipe, Euro bumpers, and rear spoiler.

L8apex914 is our newest Baur owner (1980 Baur 318), and he is out in that area of Long Island, not far from Merrick. Lawrence Charlemagne is another NY Baur owner.... But we don't know where in NY he actually is.... Yet. But there are lots of Other E21 owners in the area also. Hell, if those West coast guys can find that abandoned Baur on the beach in California (see earlier posts in this thread) we should be able to find this one, sooner or later! Don't cha' think?

Your Mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find this Baur!

Let's do it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Conkitchen's Baur for sale!

Conkitchen, a bimmerforums member from California, has put his Baur up for sale.  The car has some historical provenance, and it is a fascinating project.  Check it out.  No affiliations, other than my obvious interest in promoting, preserving and driving Baurs!

Here is the link to his listing:

His car project is mentioned several times in various places in the "Baur TC1 in the US" thread in bimmerforums, with pics in several places:

I am hopeful that someone will snap up this car and continue the project.  The Baur plate is from this car once owned by Michael Baur, but it was unfortunately wrecked and crushed. The Baur plate, however, was saved.

Here is some of the conversation conkitchen and I had in bimmerforums in December 2010 about the history and progress of the car:

conkitchen:  Tom & Jeroen, Thanks to the forum member Steve C. I have the tags from this car. Sadly it was beyond repair and went to the crusher. I have taken on the endeavor to resurrect the car with a donor body. Seen in the image. Some of you will recall this “donor” gem on ebay a while back. It came with no BAUR identification due in part to the front end having been completely replaced. The only remaining evidence of ever having been a real TC1 (non 323) was some of the euro parts, roof assembly, plus the two rivet holes for the euro spec ID tag (not baur tag) on the passenger side were evident. Otherwise, the VIN comes up as a 1979 US model.

So for those of you tracking the whereabouts, here is an update. ;-)

Here is how it is shaping up. Rubinrot is a good color to be risen out of the ashes

tom82baur (tomscat1):  So, if I understand you correctly, you have tags from #2565 (of which nothing else remains??), and you have the body of another Baur (unknown Baur number?).... and you are resurrecting a Baur. What Baur # will it be when resurrected?
Kudos to you, btw, for taking this on.

conkitchen:  "The only bad thing is that the fender VIN stamp and title from 2565 I do not have as it was surrenderd to the crusher. However I do have a clean title for the 79 (unkown BAUR #) e21.

In the end the Baur # will be 2565 but the VIN will be for a 79 e21.

That is just how it's has to be, but the car will live on in spirit."

UPDATE 7/8/2011 Conkitchen informs me that his Baur has been sold to John F. of Scottsdale, Arizona. Congratulations on the sale, and welcome to new Baur owner John F (a k a docjohn in bimmerforums)!
Here are Mark R (another Baur owner) and conkitchen's Baur new owner docjohn with his Baur in Arizona last October.
Here is Mark R. with his Baur that same day.  Mark purchased this Baur in Tucson in December 2010, and we have been trying to find him ever since!  I have attached part of the thread  from bimmerforums below that relates to our search and eventual discovery of this car.  It is a funny story!

E21 bimmerforums 10/15/2011:

Quote:Originally Posted by jimjim69
Very rare 1978 BAUR bmw 320/6! - $300 (Central Tucson)‏
My buddy mark an E21 junkyeeeeeeeee pick that one up. It's in need a few parts more update later.

Originally Posted by jimjim69
Very rare 1978 BAUR bmw 320/6! - $300 (Central Tucson)‏
My buddy mark an E21 junkyeeeeeeeee pick that one up. It's in need a few parts more update later.

I am amused that a guy in Connecticut is responsible for connecting two guys that are practically in the same neighborhood, perhaps 2-3 miles away. Mark and I met this morning and had some good conversation about our cars. He's a very decent, knowledgeable and capable person. I'm glad to know him. Much appreciation for connecting us through your PM's.

Originally Posted by jimjim69 View Post
Attachment 365274
Here a Photo of my buddy 79 Baur
He paid $300.00 few month back.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________

I'll be Damned! This is just amazing. My quote above is from page 5 post #110 of this thread, from January 2011. Your quote from the previous post is from December 4 2010 (post #24 in this thread page 1). The link at the very top is a post from 'sisith' in 2008.

If I understand you correctly, the Mark R that you just met with the Baur in Scottsdale, is THE SAME Mark that jimjim mentions in his thread last December... the guy that bought the $300 Baur in Tucson!!! And that is the same car that sisith mentions in 2008.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we have been talking about all along: several separate reports of Baurs from separate sources at separate times..... turn out to be the SAME CAR! Baur #118. Incredible.

Wow. It took us 10 months, with help from jimjim, docjohn, bimmerforums member sisith and, of course, Mark R himself.... but we frickin' NAILED IT! What a great story! Great job, fellas, and thanks for all of your help!!!

And, docjohn, I agree that it is just too funny how this worked out to get you two virtual neighbors hooked up like this! We are working hard here at Baurspotting, and this kind of stuff is just what we hope for! And don't forget.... toyotech has seen another Baur in Tempe. If there is some way to get your three Baurs in the same pic..... you will have recorded the largest convocation of E21 Baurs in the US this year! In MANY years, perhaps! Who da thought that could happen in Arizona!!??

The attached pic is from jimjim's January 2010 post in this thread.
UPDATE: some more info from jimjim back in January 2011:
"I help you . Yes it was federalized once owed by dan kenny ?
engine 2.0 320/6, 4 speed
"I had his name miss spelled
It's {dan Kennedy} sorry"
"Is Dan Kennedy your friend who just bought it for $300?

NO just the last name on title 2007 date
MY buddy that bought is a BMW E21 guy BUT NOT IN TO THE FORUMS AT ALL !!!


Thank you again jimjim for that info. So we know that Dan Kennedy owned it in 2007; bimmerforums member "sisith" sold it to Mark R. Unless 'sisith' is also Dan Kennedy, it appears we have the past three owners of Baur 118 going back to 2007. Great stuff!

Mark R's $300 Baur at time of purchase in December 2010 in tucson.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just A Car Guy Blog: Baur TC2 "M" ??!!

Baurspotting got a plug on the "Just A Car Guy" blog over the weekend, so I thought I would return the favor.  Pretty cool blog, lots of BMW stuff, including a Baur TC2  with an "M" Badge that apparently was on the cover of Roundel Magazine in November 2009  (I think).  Check it out.


That is a pretty highly esteemed car blog, apparently.  Take a look at his sidebar:  Momma Mia!  Some great stuff there!

Whoa.... is that an "M" badge??!!  Anyone know anything about this car?

Friday, May 20, 2011

M Cars That Weren't

You guys have been really well-behaved, so here's a little non-Baur treat that I thought you might enjoy.

From Car and Driver....
April 4, 2011 at 1:58pm by Jens Meiners
Before Kay Segler leaves BMW’s M GmbH performance division to once again head the Mini brand, he has opened the vault to show a number of rarely or never seen concept cars and proposals from the division’s rich 25-year history. We were able to take a close look at the vehicles and quiz engineers and executives about the thinking behind these cars and why they didn’t make production. (The current-gen M3 pickup that debuted last week, is sure to join this collection one day, too.)
8-series “Der Bolide”

To create the engine for this 8-series, BMW essentially took two 3.0-liter M3 engines and welded them together at a 60-degree angle. This V-12 produced 520 to 550 hp—enough thrust to get from 0 to 60 in a little over 4 seconds and reach a top speed of over 200 mph. The series car’s pop-up headlights were omitted to save weight and space. The car made it pretty far in development and could have been offered as an M8, although its internal moniker was “Der Bolide,” literally “the fireball.” Weight was between 3100 and 3300 pounds—well below the 850CSi, which used a 375-hp version of BMW’s regular V-12. The 850CSi made it into series production; the 6.0-liter V-12 of the wild concept was further developed and ultimately powered race cars and the McLaren F1.

X5 Le Mans

The V-12 engine used for the 8-series project was also put into a first-generation X5, dubbed the X5 Le Mans. With this 700-hp monster, race driver Hans-Joachim Stuck lapped the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7 minutes, 49 seconds. At Döttinger Höhe, a 193-mph top speed was measured. The rear-wheel-drive X5 Le Mans was shown at the Frankfurt auto show but never intended for series production.
X5 Rear-Wheel-Drive Project

This first-generation X5 looks almost unchanged from a regular model, save for the round air intakes in the front bumper. Under the skin, however, serious changes transformed it into a racer: Power came from a 400-hp V-8 taken from the third-generation M5 and was transmitted to the rear wheels only through an SMG automated transmission. The SUV was not put into series production, and BMW decided to go for all-wheel drive instead with the subsequent X5 M and X6 M.
M3 Touring

The ultimate compact station wagon? BMW created an M3 conversion of the E46 touring. With its wide body and M-specific interior, this M3 touring looks ready for series production. But BMW decided against it. We hope to see an M3 wagon yet.
E30 M3 Pickup

This M3 pickup was used strictly on the company’s premises, as it lacks street homologation. It was obviously used with little mercy, and it served as inspiration for this year’s April Fools’ Day project. Besides this company project, a few E30 pickups were actually built by small aftermarket companies in the 1980s—specifically for the Greek market, to use a tax loophole.
M3 Compact

Two M3 versions of the 3-series compact (the body style sold here as the 318ti) were built: one with the 282-hp, 3.0-liter engine, and one with the 317-hp, 3.2-liter engine. BMW studied bringing this car to market carefully, finally deciding not to. The idea now lives with the 1-series M Coupe.
M5 Cabriolet

At a time when the super-expensive 8-series, which was available as a coupe only, had replaced the 6-series in BMW’s lineup, M GmbH came up with a proposal for a two-door M5 Cabriolet. The concept found many friends within BMW and was supposed to be shown to the public, but it was killed by the board shortly before its debut.
M’s Z3 Proposal

When BMW M GmbH had its own styling department, its designers were asked to bid on new projects. This is their proposal for the Z3 roadster, questionable in the looks department, but extremely lightweight, and flexible in terms of additional body variations.
5-series Touring High-Roof

This 5er is strictly a show car intended to demonstrate M GmbH’s portfolio of skills. It is designed to transport your sports bike and gear, and its high roof with integrated search lights is a rather curious alteration. Would BMW build such a car for customers? Not likely: “Such a modification would be far too expensive,” I am told.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Baurs at Bimmerfest Pics!

Here are some more pics from Bimmerfest May 2011 held last weekend.  We would like to try to identify the Baur above.  Bimmerforums member rudy92 sent us the following, which is all we know about it for now: 
"What I remember was that it was a 316 single headlights yes, I think the car had only 28 thousand miles, and the color was a very light greenish silver. And also the owner didnt speak much english, he was armenian." 
West Coast Baurhunters:  can anyone help us identify this car?  E21baur may know him, since we have another pic of the two parked next to one another, I believe.  .... In the video shot by rudy92 in the previous post "Two Baurs at Bimmerfest", the two Baurs appear at 2:37 parked next to each other at a 90 degree angle.  we can see the license plate on the silver one is "California: 6CXD210". 

The beautiful Baur above is owned by bimmerforums member e21baur, and was the subject of an earlier post in this blog:  "Coming in from the Cold" on May 6, 2011.  Check out that interior!

I thought folks might enjoy seeing this one.  :)

Many thanks to the fellas who provided these pics, which were originally posted in bimmerforums this week:  rudy92, uberpanzer, ebmw21 and E21Adam.  Some of them may been borrowed from Autoblog, so we want to give them credit also.  I apologize if I left someone out.  Great job, fellas!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Baurs at Bimmerfest!

Thanks to bimmerforums member rudy92 we have a video of the recent Bimmerfest in California that includes footage of TWO Baurs:  Koko's beautiful Hennarot (correct?) 1982 323i, and another silver Baur that we are trying identify presently.

Here is the link to the thread:

Thank you to rudy92 and Koko!  The mobile part of the video was shot from Koko's Baur!  Great job, fellas!
And here is the video:


Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming in from the Cold

We had an interesting exchange in the E30 forum in bimmerforums today.

Another Found Baur, coming in from the cold!    :)

Member E21BAUR of Torrance, CA posted the following:

"hey i have a 323i Baur TC1 here in California
just finishing restoring it actually my mother was the first owner and her dad my grandpa imported it here from Germany.
i know theres another one in cali somewhere that i was about to buy but i got beat to it.
Let me know if u want some pics or any info"
I responded to him with :
"Yes indeed... we love pics! And welcome aboard! Please join us over on the E21 forum:

That is the main thread for "Baur TC1s in the US".... and there are several others from time to time. Lots of great info on that thread... it's loooong! We have done a lot of work and we have had some amazing finds since we started in December 2010. It has been a blast! Check it out. Enjoy!

Send us some pics and any info you can, and I will post it on the primitive Google map showing the located Baurs in the US.

And I will also include you on my blog, "Baurspotting" dedicated to finding and identifying all the Baurs in the US, starting with the TC1s.

Great to hear from you.... what is your Baur number? I don't know if your car is a 'new find', or if you are one of the ones we have been trying to track down. Exciting stuff! "

Upon further reflection, the Torrance CA address sounded somehow familiar, so I did a little checking on our Google map, and ... sure enough .... we had already found this car from a post that he made a few months ago, but we had never been able to make any contact with him directly, until now!  Here is the post I had found back in February:
"1982 323i Torrance CaUpdated Feb 2

owned by 'E21BAUR"
im really intrested in those euro bumpers if there in pretty good condition
im restoring a 1982 E21 323i Baur edition bueatiful car but has the ugly ass american bumpers =(
let me know "

email sent 2/2/2011"

Sooo.... another Baur has 'come in from the cold"!!  :) 
Welcome E21BAUR!  We can't wait to see some pics and identify your Baur number!