1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

GENUINE OEM BMW E21 and E30 Sedan Door Moulding BAUR Emblem Badge New

I am posting this as  Public Service message, in case anyone is in need of the the Baur emblem badge that attaches at the "B" pillar for both the E21 (TC1) and the E30 (TC2).    I found them today on eBay.  I have no interest or affiliation in the sale, btw.  They are different, so please check to make sure you get the appropriate one for your Baur.  ;)

Here is the E21 TC1 Badge:


Here is the badge for the E30 TC2 B pillar:


UPDATE May 17, 2018: Price Reduced to $5000! RARE! 1986 BMW 325e BAUR TC2 - $6000 (La Mirada) California!

UPDATE May 17, 2018:  Price Reduced to $5000! 


N.B.:  We originally found this Baur posted on January 16, 2018.  Here is that original information.  The only thing that has changed is that the asking price has been reduced to $5000.  The current craigslist ad can be found at the link above.  

RARE! 1986 BMW 325e BAUR TC2 - $6000 (La Mirada) California! 

I found this when surfing the internet tonight!  Baur number unknown at this point, but stay tuned!  ;)

Rare 1986 E30 BMW 325e BAUR TC2 5spd 2.7ltr Inline 6. It was built for the European market by BAUR Coach Builders in Germany. It's a grey market vehicle registered in California. It's registered as a Non-Op since 2013, but it's driven once a week around the neighborhood. Mechanically it works great and it should pass smog. Engine has been rebuilt with approximately 4,000 miles on it. Needs new paint, new interior, very little body work, and some electrical work. Great first hobby car to restore. $6,000 obo

condition: fair 
cylinders: 6 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 186000 
paint color: red 
size: compact 
title status: clean 
transmission: manual 
type: convertible 


NEW FIND! Giacomo Jack Bracco's Restoration Project of Baur B42664 in Italy!

Congratulations to Giacomo Jack Bracco of Italy who contacted me yesterday regarding his 1984 E30 TC2 project Baur!  Since it is NOT yet listed in the International Baur Registry, it qualifies as  NEW FIND!  Welcome to our Baurspotting community, Giacomo! 

These are the only pics that we have so far, but we look forward to following Giacomo's progress on his project Baur!  So stay tuned!  Congratulations and welcome to Giacomo Jack Bracco!  ;)

Monday, May 14, 2018

Greg's 1985 325e TC2 in California!

I got a message through our Baurspotting Facebook page yesterday from Greg M. in California regarding his recent acquisition of a 1985 325e Baur.  I checked his Baur number, and sure enough...... it is NOT listed in the International Baur Registry, so it qualifies as a NEW FIND!   Congratulations and welcome to Baurspotting, Greg!

While it is apparently overall in decent shape (no rust), it did suffer some 'collateral damage' as a result of a messy divorce situation from the previous owner.  The worst of it is that the rear soft top (frame and cover) have gone missing!

So, here is Greg's request:  "Any idea where I can attain a folding top or even just the frame? Would you please put the word out to the community that there is a need for one?"

Anybody out there have a TC2 Baur rear top frame, or does anyone know of anyone parting out a TC2 Baur? Junkyard? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Please shoot me an email, or message me through our Baurspotting Facebook page. I will be posting this in Facebook also.
B45022-15, '86 325e, vin 1235623  

As you can see the rear fold-down soft cover and frame are entirely missing! Let's find him one! ;)

And there is other work to be done, as you can see, to restore this Baur to road-readiness! The good news is that all or moist of the needed parts here should be readily attainable from another early E30.

Baur #5022 goes to its new owner! Certainly looks like a decent starting point!

Here is hoping that we can be of some assistance to Greg in his quest for a replacement rear roof, and we wish him well as he embarks on the restoration process! Greg is not new to the BMW world, btw! He has others! "It rounds out a full set for me. I have a '85 745, '86 524td, '89 635csi, and now the Baur, all in euro trim and Bronzitbeige paint. Kind of like having a straight flush. lol"

Welcome to our Baur community, Greg, and good luck with your search and your project!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Good News on Baur Roof Seals Availablility

From time to time I receive inquiries from around the world from Baur owners who are in need of replacement seals for their Baur roofs, both E21 TC1s and E30 TC2s.

Today I sent an inquiry in this regard to our resident Baur Guru, Jeroen Janssen of The Netherlands, who responded immediately with the following GOOD NEWS:  

Thank you, Jeroen! 
Today's inquiry, btw, came from our friend, Malcolm Reeson in Perth, Western Australia.  You may remember, Malcolm:  he has the ELECTRIC BAUR!!  READ ABOUT IT HERE: 


For the TC2 these are still available from BMW. Targa-part 0006412 for €187,08
For the softtop 0006415 €96,69

Hardtop TC1 0006304 €80,63
Softtop 0006308 €105,76

It´s all on the website of BMW Classic

Friday, March 16, 2018

No Reserve on Bring a Trailer: 1985 BMW 323i Baur TC in Florida

Thanks to our friends and fellow Baur owners Rick Oppedisano and Jonathan Selig for the heads up on this Bring a Trailer auction of a 1985 323i Baur! Rick, btw, has his own TC2 Baur project under way, and we congratulate him and look forward to seeing the finished product sometime soon!  Stay Tuned!  ;) 

Baur Number:   B44154-15.   It is already registered in the International Baur Registry, apparently when it on the market a few years ago.  Small Baur World:  we actually did a brief post on this car in Baurspotting back then, and you can see it here*. "1985 BMW 325 BAUR EDITION - $6350 (BROOKLYN)"  

Just a funny coincidence, but that is the same Baur number (4154) as my 1982 E21 323i TC1 Baur.  Maybe that is a sign that I should buy it, and have a matched set!  ;) 

Text from BaT post:
This 1985 BMW 323i is a Baur TC model that was sold new in Germany and was brought to Melville, New York in December 1990. It remained in New York state with one owner from 1990-2014, was with the next owner for the following two years, and was featured on BaT during its most recent sale in October 2016. Finished in Bronzit Beige Metallic with a black retractable top, this example is powered by a 2.3L inline-six that is backed by a 5-speed manual transmission. Numerous New York state vehicle inspections are shown on the included Carfax along with some dealership services, and the car received an oil change a few months ago. This E30 was acquired by the selling dealer during the last sale in 2016, and is offered for sale with a clean Florida title.

This example wears slim bumpers that were standard equipment on European market cars, and had the center high beam lights tinted yellow by a previous owner. The seller notes that the passenger side door, trunk, rear driver-side quarter panel, and front driver-side fender have been repainted. The corrosion that was noted on the door sills in the previous listing has been repaired, with photos provided in the gallery.

Baur models featured a retractable fabric roof, and this example carries a matching boot cover that is used when the roof is in its lowered position. Photos of the roof in multiple positions can be seen in the gallery.

A spot of damaged paint is present on the hood, and various rock chips and scratches from use are present across the car. The car wears a set of 14″ bottlecap wheels that are mounted with Presa PS01 tires.

The interior has been reupholstered in two-tone leather that replaced the previous cloth seating. Some imperfections are noted, including a cracked dashboard, cracked light on the roof of the interior, and broken plastic on the door panels.

The original radio has been replaced with a modern Pioneer unit, and the correct Euro market steering wheel is present. Approximately 95k miles are shown on the odometer, though the previous ad listed mileage at roughly 97k and an odometer discrepancy is present on the included Carfax. The odometer is not currently functional and true mileage is unknown.

Power comes from a 2.3L M20B23 inline-six that is backed by a 5-speed Getrag manual transmission. The seller notes that an oil change was performed approximately five months ago, and some additional services are present on the included Carfax.

Multiple undercarriage photos have been provided of the chassis, suspension, and related components.

The included Carfax shows no accidents or body repairs, but does note a mileage inconsistency in April 2015. The full report can be seen in the gallery.


*Link to an earlier post on this Baur back in 2016 when it was for sale in New York:

Here are some pics from that earlier sale, and you can see the changes.  I am not sure why it was listed as a 325 back then, and a 323i now.  It could be just an error in the earlier ad.

The seats have been changed.

I am also glad to see that they have now removed that phony "M" badging.

Small Baur World!  ;)

Thanks, Rick and Jonathan!  

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Safety Is Never Out of Fashion: Requiescat in Pace Christian Klorczyk

In Memoriam:  Christian Klorczyk, March 11, 2011.  Today is the seven year Anniversary of this tragedy.    I am reposting this (originally posted March 11, 2012) to remind everyone that, sadly, accidents do happen.  Please stay safe out there.  Always use redundant safety systems.  Please take a few minutes to read through this post and the links.  It will break your heart, but it may save your life.

Safety is never out of fashion.

It was one year ago today that a tragic accident took the life of a local young BMW enthusiast, who was changing his oil.  We can't do anything to change that sad fact, but we can honor his memory by re-publishing the following posts, in the hope that telling his story may save the life of someone else.

The first post is from Christian's Dad, Frederick, who came upon my earlier initial post about his son. Frederick has been working hard, despite his personal tragedy, to get the safety message out to all:

Thank you, Frederick, and please accept our sincere condolences to you and your family.

This was my original post when I first learned of the tragic event:

I have since built a set of these wooden stands, modeled on those shown here by 'potenza'.  My 1989 325ix is up on them as we speak, preparing for a transmission replacement.


Video of a falling jack stand.  That's right.  It happens!

Are ratchetting jack stands safe?


I have more posts on jack stand safety, recommended jack stands, etc back in March and April 2011.  Please check them out.

Have fun, boys and girls, but.... please remember:  Safety first, safety last, safety always.

Christian Klorcyzk, Requiescat in Pace.