1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

1985 BMW 323i in Illinois

Thanks to our friend Layne Wiley for the heads up on this 1985 323i TC2 in Illinois.  This was in Facebook Marketplace.  Very 1980s-style square headlights.

Seller's comments:

80000 Miles
Automatic Transmission

This is one of a kind only 500 made all custom done started doing inside. You can't pass this collectible by


Thank you, Layne!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Once Beautiful TC1 Baur Spotted "Rusting in Peace" in South Africa!

Thanks to our friend and fellow Baur owner Ashley Naidoo in South Africa for sending us this interesting find:  TC1 Baurs are much less common in South Africa than the TC2 Baurs, partly because BMW actually built about 3,000 TC2 Baur IN South Africa!  No TC1 Baurs were ever built there to my knowledge.  So finding a TC1 in SA is always exciting!  

This one is a very sad example, as you can see.  But, when I checked the Baur number with the Baur Registries, it is already listed in both Registries ..... but looking decidedly different in the Registry pics! We assume, at least for now, that it is indeed the same car, and I am working with Ashley to try to pin down more details for confirmation.  I am also reaching out to our Baur Guru, Jeroen Janssen, to further confirm, with the specialized production information that he has access to, that this is the same Baur shown in the Registry pics!  
 Registry pic.

Baur A000643-06 this is one of Ashley's pics.

Another Registry pic.

So stay tuned for more info, as we try to unfold this little mystery!  Are all of these pics ... the same Baur?  If so, there is a sad story lurking behind these pics which show such an awful deterioration.  What happened to it?  Or has there been some sort of a mixup in the Baur numbers.... I do not see a photo of the Baur plate in the Registry pictures.... and the rusted car in the field does't seem to show any silver paint under the hood in the pic of the Baur plate!  Was it repainted?  Or are we dealing with two different Baurs?  

Stay tuned!  ;)  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i

Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i

Thanks to our friend John Dickey via our friend and fellow Baur owner David Tothill for sending along the link to this Bring a Trailer project sale!

Baur #3387 is not yet listed in the International Baur Registry*, so it qualifies as a NEW FIND!  Congratulations to the owner, Mike!

This 1985 BMW 320i Baur Top Cabrio or TC (VIN WBAAA310209531341) is a non-running project offered on a clean Florida title according to the seller. The car has been sitting for about two years, and the seller believes that its never-sold-in-the-US M20B20 six last ran at least that long ago. A rust “situation” is also mentioned, with corrosion visible on rear fenders and other places. Overall condition is rough, but the car does appear mostly complete with lots of cool Euro spec parts in view, and Baurs are always interesting to see on US roads. Find it here on Craigslist Bradenton, Florida for $2k.
Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i
Faded paint looks like it may have originally been Cosmos Blue, but horizontal portions of the finish look more like primer now. The body appears straight from we can see, but there’s some worrisome rust visible on the rear fenders and perhaps a bit more on the rearmost portions of the rockers. Wheels are ubiquitous bottle caps, and European equipment like the headlights and front clip add interest. Finish on the bumpers looks OK, but the rear is becoming detached and the front shows evidence of an impact that DOT-spec diving boards would have likely shrugged off. Tacked-on side markers indicate that the car was federalized at some point, possibly as late as the early 1990’s.
Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i
Although definitely a bit quirky, we’ve always appreciated Baur’s take on these cars, as the convertible top design seems to do an effective job of retaining the Hoffmeister Kink and general greenhouse shape. The cloth top seems to have survived decently well here, but the zip-out back window has become partially separated and appears to show evidence of cloudiness and yellowing. Fitment still looks fair however, and just one worn-through hole is highlighted in a photo.
Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i
Factory gray vinyl upholstery isn’t common in US spec ars, and even with seams split wide open it’s still a cool sight here. Other issues include a heavily cracked dash, worn carpeting and a missing stereo head unit faceplate. Cheap looking aftermarket speakers are also in view, but some positives include a neat basic digital-clock where American market cars most often have an OBC, along with a cassette holder next to the E-brake lever. The steering wheel is a factory offered three-spoke sport design that’s not to be confused with an M-Tech I, and the shifter looks like it could be original. Photos of the trunk show the jack and battery cover in place.
Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i
Opening the hood reveals an M20 that’s not in running condition. It sounds like a few starting attempts have been made, but no further details are offered. These two-liter 12-valve sixes made 127 HP and 128 lb. ft. of torque for 1985, sent to the rear in this example via a preferable 5-speed manual transmission.
Euro Baur Cabrio Project: $2K 1985 BMW 320i
Peaking at the underside of this one ma reveal a deal-breaking amount of corrosion, but these are rare cars that don’t come up for sale in the US too often, and at the price anyway, this one looks like it might be worth a closer look. At the very least, it’s got some great parts that could benefit the rest of the E30 community.


Here is the Craigslist write up and link:
1985 Bmw 320i Baur TC 
VIN: Wbaaa310209531341
condition: fair
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 101221
paint color: blue
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual 
type: convertible 
1985 320i Baur TC
5 speed 
M20B20 inline 6 2.0L engine
German import.

Clean Florida title.
Have keys.
I have not had the car long, haven't gotten it to start yet. Been sitting and ran at least 2 years ago as I've been told. 
Top looks in good working order, rear window needs replaced. Car was in New York for a time and has a rust situation. Isn't terrible but isn't small.

Kind of a rare bird. 
Call or text

  • contact name:

  • call or text:

    ☎ (941) 400-1871



    Thank you, John and David!  

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Baur History Updated

For all of the Baur History buffs in the audience (like me), here is an updated Baur Chronological History from:


1910 company founded

1910 - 1927 Production of individual superstructures and execution of repairs

1912 first patent (276663) "convertible top for luxury cars"

1913 "record" -Kombinationskarosserie

1927 Maybach Cabriolet

1927 - 1935 first serial order for 200 convertibles of the Wanderer brand

1928 Baur begins the age of 'spot welding'

1928 - 1939 Development and production of Horch Pullmann convertibles

1935 Production for Wanderer and DKW

1936 Ford V8 Sedan Cabriolet

1936 Wanderer W25K Cabriolet

1936 - 1941 Development and production of the DKW F5, F7 and F8

1938 Lancia Aprilia Sport Cabriolet

1938 BMW 320 and 326 Sport Cabriolet

1939 Opel Admiral Cabriolet

1939 - 1945 Production of workshop trolleys, truck chassis, power generators,
Fasstransporter, carts, operation cars

1945 - 1950 Reconstruction of completely destroyed production

1949 - 1952 DKW F10 production
Reconstruction of pre-war models on M49 steel body

1950 - 1953 Development and production "Dyna Veritas" with Panhard aggregates

1952 - 1955 Development and production of the BMW 501

1954 body construction for the construction of the single piece (Loof Roadster)

1954 VW convertible (cock) - construction work f. d. Construction of a sample car

1954 - 1956 Development and production of coupé and four- and two-door convertibles
based on the BMW 501/502

1955 - 1956 collaboration b. d. Body construction of the Porsche Jagdwagen 597

1955 - 1957 Development and complete production of the Maico 500

1957 - 1965 development and production of the Auto Union 1000 SP

1961 - 1963 Production of bodyshells of the BMW 700 Convertible

1963 - 1964 Production of the roof construction for the DKW F12

1963 - 1969 Development and production of patented ventilation flaps (BAUR-Zugfrei)

1963 Construction and construction of a sample car BMW 1500 Touring

1964 - 1965 Shell of the BMW 700 LS Coupe

1966 Construction and construction of a BMW 1600-2 2 + 2 Roadster (student car)

1967 - 1970 Development and production of convertibles based on BMW 1600/2002

1967 Construction and construction of a sample car BMW 1600-2 Coupé
Body development for BMW 1600-2 convertible based on the sedan

1970 - 1975 Modification of the full convertible body and construction for the BMW 02 Targa convertible

1971 Development and construction of the Porsche 914 Rally

1971 Body modifications Porsche 916

1973 - 1979 Development and production of complete vehicles Bitter CD

1974 Development and construction of a sample car AUDI 50 Pickup

1976 - 1978 Development and production of the Opel Kadett Aero

1978 - 1982 Development and production of the BMW Baur TC1 (E21)

1978 - 1981 Production and final assembly of the BMW M1

1978 - 1987 Production of security vehicles based on BMW 7 Series

1979 - 1991 Development and production of welding groups of the Audi Quattro

1980 - 1988 Development and production of welding groups of the VW Passat Syncro

1981 - 1991 Development and production of the BMW Baur TC2 (E30)

1981 - 1982 Development and production of a BMW 732i with roof openings (Gaddafi)

1982 - 1984 Development and production of the Kevlar body of the Audi Sport Quattro

1982 Development of the hardtop instead of the soft top for the BMW BAUR TC2

1982 - 1987 Development of different versions of a 4-door top Cabriolet
End of 1987 Construction of a sample car

1984 construction u. Production of a model roof for BMW E30 convertible

1984 - 1985 Construction u. Construction of a model and IAA vehicle Porsche 944 Cabriolet

1985 - 1988 Production of bodyshells of the Porsche 959

1988 Presentation of the Baur TC3

1988 BMW E32 / 3 - Extension of the 750iL in the area of ​​the front doors by 160mm
with changed interior
Sample car presented at the Motor Show in Geneva in 1988

1988 - 1990 Development of a BMW E34 Coupé

1988 - 1989 Development and construction of a sample car BMW M5 E34 Cabriolet

1988 - 1991 Production of the tubular frame and final assembly of the BMW Z1

1989 - 1996 Development and production of the BMW Baur TC4 (E36 sedan)

1990 - 1992 Development of a BMW Top Cabriolet based on the E36 Coupé

1992 Development of the folding roof for the BMW E36 Compact

1992 - 1993 Roof construction and welding groups for Porsche 986 Boxster

1993 Roof construction for Porsche 996

2002 (IVM) Development and construction of the sample car Mercedes G Cabrio XL

Original German:

1910              Firmengründung
1910 - 1927Produktion von Einzelaufbauten und Ausführung von Reparaturen
1912erstes Patent (276663) "umlegbares Verdeck für Luxuskraftwagen"
1927Maybach Cabriolet
1927 - 1935erster Serienauftrag für 200 Cabrios der Marke Wanderer
1928Baur beginnt das Zeitalter des 'Punktschweißen'
1928 - 1939Entwicklung und Produktion von Horch Pullmann Cabrios
1935Produktion für Wanderer und DKW
1936Ford V8 Sedan Cabriolet
1936Wanderer W25K Cabriolet
1936 - 1941Entwicklung und Produktion der DKW F5, F7 und F8
1938Lancia Aprilia Sport Cabriolet
1938BMW 320 und 326  Sport Cabriolet
1939Opel Admiral Cabriolet
1939 - 1945Fertigung von Werkstattwagen, LKW Fahrgestellen, Stromerzeuger,
Fasstransporter, Karren, Operationswagen
1945 - 1950Wiederaufbau der völlig zerstörten Produktion
1949 - 1952DKW F10 Produktion
Umbau der Vorkriegsmodelle auf M49 Stahlkarosserie
1950 - 1953Entwicklung und Produktion "Dyna Veritas" mit Panhard Aggregaten
1952 - 1955Entwicklung und Produktion des BMW 501
1954Karosserie-Konstruktion für den Bau des Einzelstückes (Loof Roadster)
1954VW Cabrio (Hahn) - Konstruktionsarbeiten f. d. Bau eines Musterwagens
1954 - 1956Entwicklung und Produktion von Coupé sowie vier- und zweitürigen Cabrios
auf Basis des BMW 501/502
1955 - 1956Mitarbeit b. d. Karosserie-Konstruktion des Porsche Jagdwagen 597
1955 - 1957Entwicklung und komplette Produktion des Maico 500
1957 - 1965Entwicklung und Produktion des Auto Union 1000 SP
1961 - 1963Produktion von Rohbaukarosserien des BMW 700 Cabrio
1963 - 1964Herstellung der Verdeckkonstruktion für den DKW F12
1963 - 1969Entwicklung und Fertigung patentierter Lüftungsklappen (BAUR-Zugfrei)
1963Konstruktion und Bau eines Musterwagens BMW 1500 Touring
1964 - 1965Rohbau des BMW 700 LS Coupe
1966Konstruktion und Bau eines BMW 1600-2 2+2 Roadster (Studentenwagen)
1967 - 1970Entwicklung und Produktion von Cabrios auf Basis BMW 1600/2002
1967Konstruktion und Bau eines Musterwagens BMW 1600-2 Coupé
Karosserie-Entwicklung für BMW 1600-2 Cabrio auf Basis der Limousine
1970 - 1975Modifikation der Vollcabrio-Karosserie und Bau für BMW 02 Targa-Cabrio
1971Entwicklung und Bau des Porsche 914 Rallye
1971Karosserieanpassungen Porsche 916
1973 - 1979Entwicklung und Produktion der Komplettfahrzeuge Bitter CD
1974Entwicklung und Bau eines Musterwagens AUDI 50 Pickup
1976 - 1978Entwicklung und Produktion des Opel Kadett Aero
1978 - 1982Entwicklung und Produktion des BMW Baur TC1 (E21)
1978 - 1981Fertigung und Endmontage des BMW M1
1978 - 1987Produktion von Sicherheitsfahrzeugen auf Basis 7er BMW
1979 - 1991Entwicklung und Produktion von Schweißgruppen des Audi Quattro
1980 - 1988Entwicklung und Produktion von Schweißgruppen des VW Passat Syncro
1981 - 1991Entwicklung und Produktion des BMW Baur TC2 (E30)
1981 - 1982Entwicklung und Produktion eines BMW 732i mit Dachöffnungen (Gaddafi)
1982 - 1984Entwicklung und Produktion der Kevlar-Karosserie des Audi Sport Quattro
1982Entwicklung des Hardtops anstelle des Verdecks für den BMW BAUR TC2
1982 - 1987Entwicklung verschiedener Versionen eines 4-türigen Top-Cabriolets
Ende 1987 Bau eines Musterwagens
1984Konstruktion u. Fertigung eines Musterverdeckes für BMW E30 Cabrio
1984 - 1985Konstruktion u. Bau eines Muster- und IAA-Fahrzeugs Porsche 944 Cabriolet
1985 - 1988Produktion von Rohkarosserien des Porsche 959
1988Präsentation des Baur TC3
1988BMW E32/3 - Verlängerung des 750iL im Bereich der Vordertüren um 160mm
mit geänderter Innenausstattung
Musterwagen auf dem Autosalon in Genf 1988 vorgestellt
1988 - 1990Entwicklung eines BMW E34 Coupé
1988 - 1989Entwicklung und Bau eines Musterwagens BMW M5 E34 Cabriolet
1988 - 1991Produktion des Gitterrohrrahmens und Endmontage des BMW Z1
1989 - 1996Entwicklung und Produktion des BMW Baur TC4 (E36 Limousine)
1990 - 1992Entwicklung eines BMW Top-Cabriolets auf Basis E36 Coupé
1992Entwicklung des Faltdaches für BMW E36 Compact
1992 - 1993Verdeckkonstruktion und Schweißgruppen für Porsche 986 Boxster
1993Verdeckkonstruktion für Porsche 996
2002 (IVM)Entwicklung und Bau des Musterwagens Mercedes G Cabrio XL

Friday, February 2, 2018

1981 BMW 320 320/6 TC Baur - A/C, 1st Owner, 45k Miles: $33,000 !!!

1981 BMW 320 320/6 TC Baur - A/C, 1st Owner, 45k Miles:  $33,000   !!!

This is NOT a misprint! 

Here is another beauty from our friends at Oldenzaal Classics, folks.  They currently have 4 Baurs for sale: a 1982 E21, a 1973 2002 Voll Cabrio, and a 1973 2002 Cabrio Targa!  You can see them all HERE*! 

Baur 3053


Seller’s Description: 

BMW 320/6 TC Baur from the E21 3-series.
In an absolute great condition with only 73 thousand kilometers. We have found this car in Sicily, where it was still registered not long ago. This BMW 320/6 (6 for 6-cylinder) was delivered in BMW-Stratosblau-Metallic. Then delivered to BMW Dealer Sport-Car S.r.l, a dealer in Modena, Italy. On 29-9-1981 first registered to a company in Tremestieri Etneo, a village on the island on Sicily. Up to 2014 this car was with the 1st owner, unique! The car was always on the Island of Sicily.
The servicebook, owner's manual and BMW Europa Service booklet, everything is complete. Unique nowadays.
The Baur is an absolute mint condition. Collection-worthy. Not (partly)restored mit in a beautiful condition with only 73 thousand kilometers = 45k Miles. You can hardly see that this car is 36 years old. Perfect paint, without imperfections. Beautiful chrome bumpers, headlights, blinkers and chrome. The convertible top is in a perfect original shape with a nice and clear softwindow.
It continues on the inside. Like time-travel. The seats look and feel like new. Also doorpanels, carpets and dashboard are in a great condition. No tears, no usermarks. Any car-guy who settles in this car, starts the engine and drives a few meters knows enough. A very pure and original 45k miles 320/6 Baur. With the smooth M20 Straight-six with a 5-speed Manual.
The underbody is in a unbelievable original condition. Many pictures are present. Absolutely clean, like new in 1981. No thick layers of coating but in body color. Unrestored, not a second one like this on the market.
Very rare is the factory A/C. The system has recently been rebuit by a specialist and blows cold air. Very rare on E21's, especially on the convertible E21's.
We have mounted a set of period-correct and recently refurbish BMW/Alpina wheels with brand new tires. Plus we did:
  • New timing belt + tensioner
  • Engine oil + Filter
  • Airfilter
  • Waterpump
  • Coolant
  • Exhaust middle and endsection
  • Set the valve clearance
  • Set the carburator
  • Differentialoil
  • Transmissionoil
  • Sparkplugs
As you can read this E21 TC Baur is in a beautiful condition and has been completely checked and serviced by us. No further work to be done. 
A recent valuation rapport is present. According to the valuator (Member of the German Valuator and Expertscouncil) the condition of the car is a 2+ and the value is at €33.000 / $39.500.
The seller:
Oldenzaal Classics B.V, The Netherlands, Europe
We specialize in Vintage BMW's, we buy, sell and restore beautiful Bavarian classics. Now and then a beautiful unique Citroen or mint Mercedes is in my stock. The car is located in my dealership in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands. You can reach me on 0031 6 5521 2828 between 9:00 and 22:00, Dutch time (GMT+1). You can always contact me with questions about the car. I have sold many cars in Europe and more and more the USA.
We can arrange transport worldwide. For a quote just call or send us an email.
Jacksonville FL / Baltimore MD
All incl : ~1000 USD
Jacksonville FL / Baltimore MD / Brunswick GA
All incl : ~1200 USD
Houston TX
All incl : ~1300 USD
San Diego CA
All incl : ~1400 USD
Tacoma WA
All incl : ~2200 USD
Price: $33,000 


*Check the other 3 Oldenzaal Baurs here:

Friday, January 26, 2018

1973 BMW 2002 - 1 of 12 Press cars with Ti engine For Sale in No. Ireland!

Thanks to our friend and fellow Baur owner Barry M. Foley for this link:  1973 BMW 2002 - 1 of 12 Press cars with Ti engine For Sale!    Check it out! 

Wow!  Thanks, Barry! 

The first 12 Baur Cabrio's were used as press cars and were given a Ti engine to further impress the various magazine's testers.

This is one of those cars...

She is in Colarado Orange with +100 wheels and new carpets, seats have been re covered in Houndstooth pattern particular to this model.

I have driven her less than 100 miles in last year, hence wanting to pass her on to someone who can use/show in the future.

She is in Northern Ireland, is Mot's and it may be possible to deliver her if logistics are a problem. Please give me a call if you need any further information
Price:£22500 As stated
Advert Type:For Sale
Category:Classic Cars
Model (alt):2002 cabriolet
Region:Northern Ireland
Telephone:07043 236137  070 charges / info
E-mail:Contact Advertiser via Email
Listing Date:22-Jan-2018

Thanks, Barry!