1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The First E21 Baur

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Thanks to E21Robb for posting the link to this Italian E21 fan club in bimmerforums today. 
There are several pages devoted to the Baur TC, as well as other E21 cabriolets.  It is worth checking out. 

N.B.:    The information posted below is not my original material, but it is taken from the E21 Baur page on the link above.  It was originally in Italian, and I used Bing Translator to convert it to English, more or less.  :)   I just thought that the first E21 Baur built should definitely have a place of Honor on a blog devoted to Baurspotting, and it will remain in the Archives.

"The series 3 E21 Topcabriolet Baur
Since the beginning of the project was planned, E21 to derive from a two-door sedan version. As was the case with its progenitor 2002 Convertible version, the discovery of the BMW 3 series was entrusted to the Bodywork Baur of Stuttgart, which boasted a great experience in theme of scoperte cars and a collaborative relationship with BMW started in the 1950s. Already on 13 March 1976 the first car of preproduction was ready, and was registered on 9 April. Was a 320 carburettor metallic silver colour, with light alloy rims BBS and cloth beige interior, an unexpected pairing from BMW. This car was used for photos of the first catalogue of 1978 and the owner's Handbook, and still exists; owned by a German collector, has been fully restored and exposed by the Club Baur at the Techno Classica in Essen 2008.

The first Series 3 E21 open, exposed at the Techno Classica in Essen 2008 after restoration. Compared to internal sources, mounts an in imitation leather black (photo "blackboxes66")

As for 2002, the Lancia Beta Spider Zagato and the Opel Kadett Aero, produced in small series by the same Baur, the body coach was a big pedestal inglobante the rear, with functions of rollbar and compensation of loss of rigidity of the body, and a top panel divided into two parts, a rigid separately for the front, you could put on brackets attached inside the hood and trunk, a cloth with plastic window back, that you ripiegava at the base of the rear window. This solution allowed you to maintain than the sedan the torsional rigidity of the bodyshell and roll-over protection structure, and offered further advantages in terms of ease of use (for example, you could mount the ski), but gave exposure to wind less than that of traditional spider and cabriolet.
However, it took two years for the series 3 were unveiled in version opened to the public. In those years, the question of open cars was at an all time low: before launching the production they wanted to be certain that there would be a sufficient market outlet for amnmortizzare investments.
Finally, in March 1978, Baur and BMW broke the delay and presented, however a bit muted, the car to the press.
The production cycle was similar to that of the previous 2002: Baur received from complete factory cars, which were partially dismantled for the removal of the Pavilion and mounting structure reinforcement, which included the rollbar. Then the cars were completed with the replacement of the Interior and other finishing components.
In parallel with the production of new cars, Baur turned into Topcabriolet also specimens that are used; Unfortunately, you don't know how many cars modified subsequent to the sale."

Other E21 Cabriolets:

Karmann Cabriolet:

Callaway, Dietel Enterprises,  Hardy & Beck, Hartge, Schnitzer, etc...... sheesh, who ARE these guys at this website!!!  Almost enough to make me want to learn to speak Italian!

Production numbers, model year differences in pictures:

Much, much more.  What, you are still here?? Go see this website already!

For those of us who are unable to speak Italian, use Bing Translator:
Clumsy, but better than nothing.

Here is the link to the Google Map of Baur TC1s in the US, showing what we have found to date;

I will continue to update this map as we go along.

UPDATE: New Google map: 
BMW Baur Locations Around the World  (only one post so far.... want to add your Baur?  Email info to me.)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going Global?

See update: July 1, 2011


This is not what I originally envisioned for my second post to this blog.... but ...  the beauty of a blog is that you can basically.... do whatever the hell you want!  It is good to be the King, as the saying goes. 
Seriously though, I want to addresss this topic right away, as kind of an extension of the Introduction of the blog, and in response to a perceived need.

Over the course of these first few days with the blog, I have noticed a fairly widespread interest in the topic from far afield:  the blog has been viewed in its first week by people in the USA, of course, Puerto Rico and Canada....but also South Korea, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Australia and Singapore.  We truly are a Global Village, different in so many ways, but also sharing some common interests.

3/6/2011 Update:  Add Finland, Palestinian Territories, Croatia, Belarus, Romania, Thailand.  Switzerland, South Africa. Indonesia and Chile. Algeria and Ireland.
3/20/2011: Welcome, Japan. You are in our hearts and minds in the wake of the recent tragic events there.
3/24/2011:  Serbia. 3/27/2011 India.  3/28/2011:  Austria. 4/1/2011 Costa Rica.  4/7/2011 Lebanon. 4/9/2011 China!  4/10/2011 Hello Tunisia! 4/15/2011 Egypt! 4/17/2011 Buon Giorno, Italia!!  4/18/2011 New Zealand.  Kiwis aboard!  4/21/2011 Welcome Jordan and Malaysia! 4/22/2011 Welcome Brazil! Latvia! 4/24/2011 Welcome Greece!  4/26/2011 Welcome United Arab Emirates!  4/28/2011 Welcome Botswana! Welcome Venezuela! 55 countries plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.... And counting! 4/30/2011 Welcome Ecuador! 5/2/2011 Welcome Iran!  5/2/2011 Welcome Mexico, just in time for Cinco de Mayo! 5/7/2011 Welcome Lithuania!  5/10/2011 Welcome Hong Kong! 5/16/2011 Welcome Slovakia! 5/2/2011 Welcome Uruguay!  5/23/2011  Welcome Bosnia and Herzegovina!  5/27/2011 Welcome Cyprus!  5/30/2011 Welome Taiwan!  Welcome Honduras! 6/5/2011 Welcome Iraq! 6/8/2011 Welcome Bulgaria! 6/11/2011 Welcome Moldova! Welcome Pakistan! 6/12/2011. Welcome Malta! 6/19/2011 Welcome Saudi Arabia! 6/26/2011 Welcome Nigeria! 7/1/2011 Welcome El Salvador!

I certainly welcome the interest from everyone around the globe, and I am searching for a way to be more inclusive of them, without straying too far from the original plan for this blog, which was to focus primarily on the Baur TC1 in the US. 

I have also been asked about including other Baurs somehow, for example the 2002  and the TC2 E30.... as well as others.  The 2002 Baurs, as I understand it, are a very rare breed, with very few built to begin with.  It shouldn't be too hard to include them.

The E30 TC2, on the other hand, numbered around 10,000 from the factory, so there may be quite a few of those around.  I am looking for a way to include everyone with an interest in the Baurs, without making the task so large that it becomes unwieldy and unmanagable.

The short answer to all of the above is.... yes.  If there is sufficient interest, I will find a way to include non-USA Baurs, as well as non-E21 Baurs.  I would further include even non-BMW Baurs, if anyone sends me anything like that.  I would envision, at the very least, that I could perhaps set up another Google map for the various categories and add push pins for every identified car.  The criteria for determining if there is 'sufficient interest':  if someone has a Baur that they would like to see included on such a map, send the info on the car to me at my email address.  tom82baur@gmail.com  

Please send whatever info you are comfortable with.... I would like to have the Baur number (preferably, if it has one) and/or VIN to make sure there is no duplication;  owner's name (first name is fine) or nickname, code name, whatever;  location of the car (general area is sufficient for privacy reasons).  When I get a few for each category, I will post a map.

So far I have only figured out how to make a very primitive map, using push pins for locations, and attaching a brief description of each car.  I haven't figured out a way to add pics, and I am not sure that it is possible. Suggestions are welcome. 

However.... there is that wonderful International Baur Registry site, and they HAVE figured out how to post pics!!  So if you have a car that you would like to be included on the Baur map, send your info to me at my email.  If you'd like to get your car's pic posted.... send your info to the International Baur Registry, if you have not done so already.  Please note the picture format that is required for each car in the Registry:  include a pic of the Baur number plate on the left front quarter panel. 

If all of that is too much trouble, you can just send all the above information to me, and I will take care of posting both on the map, and forwarding the pics etc., to the Registry.  (I hope I don't regret making that offer.)   :)

I love having visual aids, such as Google maps;  they help give us a valuable perspective as to our relative proximity to each other, which can be very helpful, for example, when we get around to considering the possibility of some kind of get-together, or a mass showing of Baurs at some regional event. 

When, and if, that does occur, I have a suggestion for promoting the Baurs as a group:  all the Baurs park together, and post an identifying sign:   WELCOME TO THE BAURY! 

Here is the link to the Google Map of Baur TC1s in the US, showing what we have found to date;

I will continue to update this map as we go along.

UPDATE: New Google map: 
BMW Baur Locations Around the World  (only one post so far.... want to add your Baur?  Email info to me.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Introducing: Baurspotting

The purpose of this blog is to provide a resource that may be helpful to BMW Baur owners anywhere, but especially those in the United States.  I hope to locate and identify all the Baurs that exist in the US, with your help (Team Baur, as Clio320i has dubbed us), and to provide a resource for information, camaraderie, chat, technical assistance, parts locating, etc.  My primary interest is in the BMW Baur TC1 (E21 1975-83), but, if there is time and interest, I may expand to include any other Baurs, including non-BMW Baurs in the US.

If you are not sure what a Baur is, check out the Link in the sidebar:  Karosserie Baur.   It is a Wikipedia link that will give you an overview.  Also check out The Motor Forum: Baur, A Potted History.  It has some great pictures depicting many great Baur examples.

The idea for this blog originated with a thread in Bimmerforums in December 2010 that was initiated by Jeroen Janssen of The Netherlands in response to my curiosity about how many Baurs exist in the US.  Jeroen is perhaps THE foremost Baur specialist on the planet, and has been a tremendous resource for this blog.  Thank you, Jeroen!
Please peruse the other Links in the sidebar, particularly the International Baur Registry (translation available at the top of the page).   Again, kudos to Jeroen for providing so much information.  There are also a number of Resources listed in the sidebar that may be of some value to BMW E21 and Baur owners.

This is what started it all:
From bimmerforums December 2010:
Jeroen started a thread titled "Baur TC1 in the US"

I have a number of additional posts for this blog in various stages of preparation, and I plan to publish them as soon as they are ready, and as time allows.  Please be patient, as I do have other demands on my attention from time to time, such as full-time employment (necessary, unfortunately, but sooo inconvenient at times!)  :)  marriage and family obligations, and a small, but at times clamoring, fleet of BMWs.  I will do my level best to post here on a regular or, at least, a periodic basis.

Future posts will include pictures and associated information on the Baurs that we have been able to locate and identify;  interesting information on specific Baurs related to their provenance/ history, e.g, vehicles known to be connected to the Baur family, ASC/Baurs, Dietel Enterprises cars, reconstituted/salvaged projects, etc. etc.;  alerts related to reports of possible Baurs, requesting assistance from fellow Baurspotters out there to pin down this info; and other topics that may be of interest to BMW E21 enthusiasts in general, and Baur owners, in particular.  I would also like to add a Technical Tips/Help Forum and a Baur-specific Parts Wanted/For Sale feature (thanks, conkitchen).

I do ask for your indulgence:  this is my first attempt at a blog, and while I do find some of this 21st Century technology quite amazing, it can also be .... ummm ... rather challenging.  :)  I am an old school guy, and I am learning as I go along.  Please cut me a little slack. I love these cars, and that is my motivation for this blog.  I am certainly interested in your feedback, particularly any constructive feedback that can help me make this a worthwhile endeavor for all of us. 

So, damn the torpedoes, Team Baur, full steam ahead!

Here is the link to the Google Map of Baur TC1s in the US, showing what we have found to date;

I will update this map as we go along.

UPDATE: New Google map: 
BMW Baur Locations Around the World  (only one post so far.... want to add your Baur?  Email info to me.)