1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

NEW!! Non-BMW Baur or Baur-Type Top Cabriolets

This page is devoted to examples of other "Baur-type" cars from around the world:

January 22, 2016:  Thanks to Ted Kalman for posting these pics of a VW Beetle "Baur-Type Cabrio. "Ted Kalman:  car was spotted in PVR,Mexico Tom."
Thanks, Ted!  ;)

November 16, 2015  Thanks to retrohire for the heads up on a car thqat I hade never heard of:  the Nissan Figaro!

Note the fixed windows!
Cute little car, only 20,000 built! 

Thank you, retrohire! 

Thanks to Jonathan B. for posting this in Facebook today!

1984 Mercedes-Benz 190-Series

Mercedes w201 190E SGS St. Tropez, Styling Garage, not AMG

VERY RAR, only two in the World knowing

"This 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190E (chassis WDB2010241A014557) features a convertible-top conversion and body-kit by SGS Styling Garage. According to the seller, this is one of two such existing “St. Tropez” 190E-based conversions. This looks like the answer to the Baur BMWs, but with 4 doors. Find it here on eBay in Hamburg, Germany with a $29,900 USD Buy-It-Now."


Here is the text from the ebay ad:
At first, sorry for my bad English.....! I am from Germany but i know, the REAL Collectors are in the States!!!!

I have something VERY SPECIAL for sale. A original SGS "Styling Garage" St. Tropez, based on the 190E. Only a few 190E are build in St. Tropez Style and today i know only two in the World....... One Silver in Bogota and my St. Tropez.
If somebody know the 1985 STYLING GARAGE Calender, this is the yellow/white 190E you see in the Calender!!!! A Calender is incl in the "Buy Now" Price!!!
And this Car is the ONLY SGS 190E in the World with SGS Spoilers because it was a "Proto Typ Car"!!!! EXTREM RAR!!!

She has only round about 75000km (46000mls!!!) and drives like new. Inside she´s good/very good with green Soft Lether with white Stripes on Recaro´s.
She has get a big Service for round about 3000€.

Incl in the "Buy Now" Price is a VERY RAR and BRAND NEW Carlsson C20 Kit with Cam Shaft and Sport Exhaust. The C20 Kit is only seven Times built and this is on of the seven.....

I will be honest, the Paint Job is not good and at the Roof she has Rust. But no major Problem but i must say it. The Roof Top ist ok but the Color ist lighter than new.

Over all a nice Collectors Car that you will find FOR SURE never again in the World. Of cause i will be helpfull by shipping the Car. That means, you call me the Shipping Company that sit in "Bremerhaven, Germany" and i bring the Car to the Company. So very safe and serious!!!

This is a private selling with no Kind of Garanty, Waranty or else. And PLEASE, take care on the Car!!!!!


A very rare car, according to this, one of TWO in the world!

Thank you, Jonathan!

Baur did build a cabrio version of the Mercedes Geländewagen:


Thanks to Sicilia Classic Clubs for posting a pic of the 1958 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformable, another example of a Baur-type convertible:  fixed windows, fixed B pillar, and removable/convertible roof.

We had never heard of this car before!  Thanks for posting, Sicilia Classic Clubs!


Gooding's Amelia Island Auction March 7, 2014. OK.... built-in roll bar: check. Soft rear convertible top: check. Removable solid Targa front roof section: check. Hmmm. So far it sorta sounds like a BMW Baur Top Cabriolet. Well, ok, not exactly. This little item is a 1967 Porsche 911 2.0 S Soft-Window Targa. Not too shabby. Expected to go for a nice price at the auction, as you can see.

The 1978 Bristol Type 412 SII Targa Zagato
Thanks to Mike E. for sending these pics of a 1978 Bristol Type 412 SII Targa Zagato.   You will immediately see the similarity in the design to the BMW Baurs:  fixed windows, built-in roll bar, Targa top and soft rear fold-down convertible top.

Scroll waaaay down this page to see another one that was sent to us in 2012 by THEPOOLEMAN!

The Fiat Cinquecento:

Fixed windows, convertible top.

Here is another one.  Both pics were taken in Naples by Guiseppe Pasquale.

OK, I confess.  Personally, I love this car!  :)
11/18/2013                   NAME THIS CAR!    ;)
I found this in some Italian pictures.  I am not sure exactly what it is yet.... perhaps someone can tell me.  I believe the pic is from Naples, taken by Guiseppe Pasquale.
Notice the roll bar and the convertible roof.  The four bars on the front grill are undoubtedly the badge of the Marque, but I am not sure what it is.  

UPDATE 12/04/2013!  I just received the following post explaining the above mystery from bnam in the 2002FAQ forum:

On your web page of non-bmw baur like cars, the car with the 5 bar logo is a Fiat.  /F/I/A/T/ changed their logo at one point (late 80s or so) to just the 5 bars ///// before going back to the round badge.

Thank you, bnam!!  We learn something new everyday, thanks to you guys!  ;)

Thanks to fellow Baur owner Michael Behman for reminding me of this car.  Michael spotted a TVR Targa on the road the other day and inquired about it.  His inquiry reminded me that I had seen this one last June at the British Cars by the Sea Show at Harkness Park Waterford CT, but I had never posted it here.  As you can see, it has a removable 'targa' top, and soft fold down rear roof.  I had a nice chat with the owner who had never heard of the BMW Baurs.

1985 TVR 280i "Targa"

Thanks for the reminder, Michael!  


Stumbled upon this Jaguar XJ6 tonight.  :)


1931 Ford A400 Convertible Sedan

Here is an early example of a Baur-type solid window frame Cabriolet.

The Model A400 Convertible Sedan was introduced on May 22, 1931 with fully framed doors and Victoria-style rear-quarter windows. Production continued through May 1932 with just 4,865 produced in the United States, plus 86 in Canada and another 142 overseas.
This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in October of 2010 at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania.
40 bhp, 200.5 cu. in. L-head four-cylinder inline engine, three-speed sliding gear manual transmission, solid front axle and ¾-floating rear axle, transverse semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear, and four-wheel mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 103.5"

2/16/2013  Thanks once again to THEPOOLEMAN for this great find from Hemmings:

1980 Toyota Celica Targa - Image 1 of 25

Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
Stock #:
Copper Metallic
Description: Toyota Celica GT Sunchaser by Griffith. Number 290 of 500 built for 1980. 57774 actual miles documented by title. Tilt wheel, gauges, factory air conditioning. Kenwood am/fm cassette player. Professionally restored factory alloy wheels. Better than new fresh paint job: Correct Copper Metallic. Comes with owners manual and warranty book, as well as the February 1980 issue of Motor Trend Magazine that covered the Sunchaser. Superclean example here. Contact David Clark for more info on this rare car! (888) 521-0723.
Price: $15,995 


Hemmings Motor News

Ad #1532090

1980 Toyota Celica Targa

1980 Toyota Celica Targa 

Price: $15,995

Body Style: Targa   Stock No.: R483   Mileage: 57774   Interior: Beige   Exterior: Copper Metallic 

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
(Google Map - Yahoo! Map)


Toyota Celica GT Sunchaser by Griffith. Number 290 of 500 built for 1980. 57774 actual miles documented by title. Tilt wheel, gauges, factory air conditioning. Kenwood am/fm cassette player. Professionally restored factory alloy wheels. Better than new fresh paint job: Correct Copper Metallic. Comes with owners manual and warranty book, as well as the February 1980 issue of Motor Trend Magazine that covered the Sunchaser. Superclean example here. Contact David Clark for more info on this rare car! (888) 521-0723.

Additional Photos

Click photos to enlarge
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa
1980 Toyota Celica Targa


copyright by californiaclassix.comcopyright by californiaclassix.comcopyright by californiaclassix.comcopyright by californiaclassix.comThanks to THEPOOLEMAN for the link to this ad for a beautiful 1987 XJS-C.  This is the famous V-12 Cabriolet, btw. Note the four different roof configurations: the built-in roll bar; the fixed rear windows; the removable 'Targa' top..... starting to seem familiar somehow?

Click on any of the above images for a full-size view
The ne plus ultra in versatility, the XJSC can be configured as a Landaulet convertible, a Targa, or a Coupe. Additionally, the rear folding soft top can be replaced by a fixed roof panel with heated glass window.

If that ad above looks a little familiar, well..... there is a reason it does!  
Check this out:
BMW 2002 "Targa' Cabrio

BMW E30 Top Cabriolet (TC2)

BMW E21 Top Cabriolet (TC1)

ALL of these BMW ads were published before this Jaguar was built.  So it is pretty clear where Jaguar got the inspiration for their ad.  Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery.  :)

Here is the link to the full ad.  It is really worth checking out.... a very cool car.  I love the XJS Cabriolets, both the Baur-type and the open cabrio.  A good friend of mine has the open cabrio (circa 1990) in a champagne color that is just drop dead gorgeous.


1/17/2013  Baur-Like Isetta Cabrios

I started a Pinterest page a while back called BMW Baurs.   I confess that I don't quite 'get' Pinterest, and consequently, I haven't paid much attention to it lately. OK, Ok, I forgot all about it.  Anyway, I happened to take a look at it today for the first time in....  dont ask how long..... and look what I found:

Thankd to Liliana Lucano fo rthis pic of a BMW Isetta 300 Cabriolet.... quite Baur like: fixed frame, two section cabriolet style.  The rear cabriolet folds down, the front appears to fold/slide back accordion-style to open!

Here are pics of a similar BMW Isetta 300 Cabriolet.  You can see the rear has folded down, and the front section can be opened also.  Thanks to Iris Fingerhut for these two pics from Boldride.com!

I love the Isetta!


The BMW Observer Coupe: Retractable Glass Roof

Thanks to THEPOOLEMAN for this video os something you may never have seen before:  a BMW 635CSi Coupe with a glass retractable roof!  This is not a Baur, of course, and it was not even done by BMW themselves.  And it is a one-off!


Thanks, Ed!


12/2/2012  Thanks to "THE POOLEMAN" for this suggestion, which has been right under our collective noses all along:

with fixed windows, built-in roll bar, folding rear soft top...... it is close enough!

Thanks, Ed!

11/30/2012  I didn't see THIS one coming!

1959 Nash Rambler Convertible Landau!



11/30/2012 Here is an Opel Aero posted by HarryPR in Facebook today.  Thanks, Harry!

9/9/2012  I spotted some non-BMW Baur Type cabriolets at the Lime Rock Park Historics Weekend on September 2, 2012.

Lancia Beta Zagato at Lime Rock Park September 2, 2012.

Triumph Stag



 Thanks to Mike E. up the Puget Sound Region for the 'heads up' on this Toyota Celica Sunchaser for sale on Ebay..... 1 day to go!


1980 Toyota Celica ST

1980 Toyota Celica SunchaserResearch 1980 Toyota Celica

Item Location:Melbourne, KY, United States
Time left:1 day (Jun 13, 201208:28:29 PDT)
Bid history:7 bids
Current bid:US $3,408.01
US $
Place bid
(Enter US $3,458.01 or more)

1980 Toyota Celica Sunchaser.   Really good condition.  New Paint, alpine 6CD changer, ac, targa top with convertible.  I am second owner, previous owner took excellent care of this vehicle.  Only 132,500 miles. Runs great just had new head gasket put in.  probably could use new shocks on front.  Will not find another in such good shape.  Only rust is under front end of car probably a days work fixing 513-706-3938. Prospective buyers are encouraged to see it in person.

5/30/2012 E24 Baur Top Cabriolet

5/1/2012  Thanks to ThePooleman for the link to the Mercedes G Cabrio XL

Off-road cars are hot! The Detroit Motor Show in January 2002 proved it once again, that off-roads, crossovers and leisure cars represent a future trend. No surprise, that IVM Automotive, a German based engineering company, decided to develop its own view on a "German touch" off-road vehicle.
The result is the Baur G-Cabrio XL, a convertible based on the Mercedes-Benz G-class and manufactured by Baur Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau, IVM's own body and assembly works. Probably not by accident the G-class was chosen, because the G-class - originally not produced byMercedes-Benz, but by a contractor company Magna Steyr in Austria- is experiencing a renaissance in the US.
The Baur G-Cabrio XL is a long wheel based version and 440 mm longer than the original G-class long version with a total length of 5,147 mm. The vehicle was added with additional comfort, like the memory functions for the front seats. In order to enhance the off road capabilities, the body was stiffened at the C-post. The rear is covered by a soft-top.

4/18/2012 Thanks to Mike and Lore E. up in the Puget Sound Region for sharing some wonderful information on the AMC Concord GT, AMC Eagle Sundancer, and Toyota Celica Sunchaser. I am currently preparing a special blog post on one of these cars---COMING SOON!
1982 Concord GT Sundancer

1981 AMC Eagle Sundancer (4Wheel Drive!!)

Toyota Celica Sunchaser

It seems not long ago someone was asking about the feasibility of doing a DIY Baur-type conversion on their BMW.

Well, thanks again to Mike and Lore E. up in Puget Sound, here is a great little article by a guy who worked on the Griffith conversions of the Toyota Celica Sunchaser back in the day.... including info on how the conversions were done!



Thanks to Mike and Lore E.!! 

Stay tuned for a Feature Post coming soon on the main blog page about one of the above......  it may surprise you!!! 

It sure surprised ME!   ;)

3/29/2012 Thanks to bimmerforums member and Baur owner, 'ThePooleman', for this item:

The 1976 Bristol 412

Thanks, Ed!!

OK, folks, now here is one that I bet ... you never saw coming!

  • The Ferrari 400 Banham:
Converted by the body builder Paul Banham (who acted on other brands), this Ferrari 400 retains its front door pillars and rear quarter panels, like the work of the German coachbuilder Baur on the BMW 02 Series, E21 and E30 .



Yes it is available as a miniature.  :)

Banham Conversions

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Banham Conversions (Banmoco) was a maker of kit cars from the late 1970s until 2004. The company was founded by Paul Banham who started off building convertible conversions on commission. He made convertible versions of the Ferrari 400, Aston Martin DBS and V8, and the Rolls-Royce Corniche.
By the 1980s, he was marketing a kit to rebody the Jaguar XJS. He also offered convertible conversions for the XJS and Jaguar XJ6. [1]
The Banham Spyder (since 1980s) was based on the Skoda Estelle and Skoda Rapid and was inspired by the Porsche 550 of James Dean fame. In the 1990s Paul Banham also bought the original bodywork tooling for the Ford RS200 and used it to make kits based on the Austin Maestro (preferably the MG Maestro Turbo version). Being front wheel drive it offered both a rear seat and a boot where the engine was in the original RS200.[2]
In the late 1990s he had moved into making Rover based kit cars. Kits based on the Mini were the Roadster (which converted a Mini into a two seat roadster) and the Sprint (inspired by the Austin-Healey Sprite).[3]
Kits based on the Rover Metro were the Banham X99 (looking very much like the concept car drawings of the soon to be released Audi TT). After some intervention from VAG over the origin of its design this was later revised slightly to the Banham X21 (looking a bit like a Nissan Figaro and Audi TT), the Banham BAT (based on the X21, but with a futuristic styling), the Banham New Speedster (inspired by the Porsche 356 Speedster), the Tiger (inspired by the Sunbeam Tiger) and the Banham Superbug (a modern interpretation of the Mini Moke).[4]
The company ceased trading in 2004 and was taken over by Rally Sport Replicas Ltd who in turn ceased trading in mid 2005. Some of the kits were sold by 356 Sports during 2006, but they too have since ceased trading.
The aforementioned '356 sports' have restarted - http://www.356sports.co.uk/

3/19/2012 The Lancia Zagato
Thanks to bimmerforums member TomDC for this pic of a Lancia Zagato:

"The Lancia Zagato Targa Coupe was designed and modified from a coupe by Zagato. The Targa Top could be put into one of four configurations. From 1981-82, 791 units were built of which 75 were Special Edition." -----http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z11719/Lancia-Zagato.aspx

"The famous Italian design studio, Pininfarina, was tasked with designing a convertible based on the Lancia Beta Coupe. Zagato was tasked with building the design. The result was the Spider, known in the United States as the Lancia Zagato. During its production lifespan, 9,390 examples were produced."  -----http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z9825/Lancia-Zagato.aspx

3/19/2012 The Opel Kadett C Aero

Opel Kadett C - Aero 

After some years in production the Opel Kadett needed an image boost and it was time for something totally new.  A great idea was had to produce an open version of the Opel Kadett C..

aero c1 lichtblauw

The Opel Kadett Aero was introduced in 1976, at the car fair in Geneva. It was a half cabriolet model based on the Salloon. The roof could be removed and the rear window could be folded down. As standard this car was produced with all extra's with the SR version. The exterior was done by Baur in Stuttgart, which also made for BMW the same type of model.

aero c1 lichtblauw 2

Removing the roof and folding the rear window was an easy operation. The plastic roof is only held with a couple clamps. In the boot space a couple special supports have been added, in which the roof is clamped. This holds the roof close against the boot lid so that little luggage space is lost. The rear window is simply folded down and covered with a supplied loose cover. It all goes all very easily and is particular well finished. With the roof fitted wind noise is less than in a standard Kadett.

aero c1 lichtblauw 3

The idea of the Aero was fantastic. The price of this model was however absurdly high. Standard Saloon of around 1977 cost Dutch Fl. 12,000, -. The Aero version cost Duch Fl. 23,000!  With this high price the Aero was unsuccessful. There were 1332 of the Aero's produced with most of Aero's being sold in Germany. As soon as1978, the construction of the Kadett Aero was stopped.

aero c2 wit

Nowadays the Aero's are in great demand, with its low production numbers un-refurbished Aero's  are already  selling for dutch Fl. 5000. Make shure when buying an Aero that all Aero specific parts in good condition, because these are very difficult to get. Things like the removable roof panel, the rear window and cover and the fixing rack in the boot for the removable roof. These parts are still available, but very expensive. For the rest of the car parts are still obtainable the same as for the saloon.

aero c2 wit 2

When buying Aero you must pay attention of course to the known weak points of the Kadett C. A real Aero can recognized by the identification plate on the cover of the left rear light (in the back of the boot). Here is also Baur-serial number.

Specification Opel Kadett C - Aero
Track width front1.30m
Track width rear1.30m
Total length (without bumper guards)4.12m
Total width1.58m
Total hight1.31m
Unladen weight785kg
Maximum. admissible weight1205kg
Maximum. admissible braked trailer weight800kg
Maximum. admissible un-braked trailer weight430kg
Top speed with 1.2S/1.6S142/152 km/u
Acceleration with 1.2S/1.6S (0-100 km/u)17.5/13 seconden
Tank capacity43 litres
Economy with 1.2S/1.6S8.2/9.7 litres by 100km

3/14/2012    Thanks to Sammy7 of bimmerforums for this Triumph Stag:

1985 Jaguar XJS Cabriolet 5.3 Litre V12

Renault 5, built by Sovr LM in France

Renault 5, built by Sovr LM in France

Renault 5, built by Sovr LM in France

I welcome any suggestions from readers for pics of other cars that may fit in this category.  For example, we know Baur did some Opels and Bitters, but we have also heard of Lancias and General Motors Buicks that have some variation of this style.

Send any pics or info for inclusion on this page to:

I am happy to acknowledge and give credit to any contributors!


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