1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Faites Attention! Small Baur World Baur in France: Bmw 323 i Baur 1979 16 500 €

Faites Attention!   Baur in France:  Bmw 323 i Baur 1979 16 500 €

Merci Beaucoup to our friend in France, Olivier de l'Atelier for sending us the link to this early Baur for sale near Paris, France:  Baur #340! 

And..... Small Baur World Strikes AGAIN!  We know this Baur, and we have posted about it twice before:  once when it was in sad shape in New York* in June 2016, then a few months later in Chicago** in January 2017.... and now it is in France!  Sacre Bleu!  ;)

bmw 323 i baur, 1979, 160000 km, vehicle in good condition, works very well,
very healthy, no corrosion, vehicle imports from the united states, in accordance with the european model but the meter is graduated in miles, 102000 miles, today in french cg collection, ideal to be able to circulate every day in paris;
very rare, collector to keep preciously;
exchange or recovery possible against all old vehicles of quality
I can be reached at 06 80 0123 23 or 01 30 11 96 96
only by appointment

bmw 323 i baur ,1979, 160000 kms,vehicule en bel etat general,marche tres bien,
tres saine,pas de corrosion, vehicule importe des etats unis,conforme au modele europeen mais le compteur est gradué en miles,102000 miles, aujourdh ui en cg francaise de collection;ideal pour pouvoir circuler tous les jours dans paris;
tres rare ,collector a conserver precieusement;
echange ou reprise possible contre tous vehicules anciens de qualité
je suis joignable au 06 80 0123 23 ou 01 30 11 96 96 
uniquement sur rendez vous


Thank you, Olivier! And thanks also to Uwe Hinz, Matthew Bannerman and Derek for the earlier posts!  ;)

*June 2016 New York:  http://baurspotting.blogspot.com/2017/01/looky-what-i-found-in-chicago-small.html


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Folks! 1974 Cabrio Targa by Baur For sale in Buffalo NY! $50,000!

UPDATE November 29, 2018: Sold, after 'three days on Hemmings'. Details forthcoming when we have them! Congrats, Kujo85!

Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Folks!  1974 Cabrio Targa by Baur For sale in Buffalo NY!  $50,000!  

This ad has been posted today in the 2002FAQ Classifieds by Kujo85.  

Hot off the press!   Check it out!  ;)
Price: $50000
Location: Buffalo NY

Seller's comments:

Selling on behalf of my Father who has owned for about 12 years. 1 of 275 built in 1974. Matching numbers, 97k original KMs. Was purchased from an individual in California who had the car imported from Italy. Can provide many/any pictures (and info) to seriously interested parties (happy to hang on to due to the rarityof the car) as well as a walk around video and cold start video - can do when I’m off Thursday/Friday. Not a trailer queen nor a concourse car, rather a nice Summer driver - High 7 or 8/10 or a “low” 2 on the Haggerty scale. $1k worth of OEM trim and gaskets included with car. FYI currently in discussion with former owner about repurchase/right of first refusal - hope to have that discussion wrapped up either way in the coming days - but with the holidays/generally busy time of year for all of us, as well as some of my obligations, I thought I’d post now. One other (known) Baur for sale in the US at an expected tag of $125k and one other (known) in the Netherlands for low $40s. Again, happy to field any and all questions, trying to keep the post simple.

Fifty (50) pics here:

Link to 2002FAQ Classifieds:

Good Luck with your sale, Kujo85! 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Royal Baur-Type Cabrio Spotted In The Netherlands! ;)

This car was posted by our friend and fellow Baur owner Cawdy Karsten Nielsen in Facebook today:  although it is NOT a Baur, it does fall into the category of "Baur Type Cabrios" by virtue of..... well, you can see the resemblance.  ;)  

Here is how Cawdy introduced it on a Baur page in Facebook:
Just stumbled upon this one as I'm a big Ford Sierra and Scorpio geek besides my 325ix baur and this would be a cool thing to have with my TC2 😁👌
Made by Terberg Specials for the Royal family in Holland I think it was.

And here you can see the roof in the "Landaulette' position, allowing the Royal Passengers to see, and 'be seen' without the obstruction and inconvenience of a 'roof'.  

This is the roof configuration I always like to use whenever I have Royalty in my Baur, btw.  ;)  

Cawdy's post was followed shortly by this confirmation from Baur Guru Jeroen Janssen:
Jeroen Janssen Correct, the AA-plate indicates a royal owner. And it is still in possesion of our royal family 
Thanks for posting, Cawdy!  ;)  


Friday, November 16, 2018

Car of the Month Dec 2018 ON BMW 2002 Site: 1972 BMW 2002 BAUR CABRIO TARGA

Thanks to our friend, Bob Kauffman, for the heads up on this beautiful example of a Cabrio Targa by Baur!  This is hot off the press on the BMW 2002 website*!

1972 BMW 2002 Cabrio Targa by Baur.  The article is written by Richard Stern, a familiar BMW 2002 guy!  Kudos, Richard!

Here is the article, with a link below:

VIN# 2795011
History:  The BMW Targa was shown in prototype form at the Amsterdam Motor Show in early 1971 and became available that April.  There were examples for both LHD and RHD markets, although the numbers of RHD cars was small and production was halted early.  The final Targa models were completed in December 1975 after a production run lasting just over four years with 1963 LHD cars produced.
These cars had a more rigid structure than the full Convertibles thanks to a structural framework above the passenger compartment which was braced to the windshield header rail.  The conversion from standard 2002s was carried out by Baur, but numbers were restricted partly by the coachbuilders’ capacity, thus the Baur Targa was never officially imported to the US.  All Baur conversion work was done predominantly by hand and was therefore time-consuming.
Here is what BMW had to say in the 70’s, 2002 brochure.  “The body style blends the functional practicality of the BMW 2002 with the advantage of a well-designed convertible.  The plastic top can be removed with a few twists of the wrist and easily stored in the trunk.  The rear window is simply lowered behind the back seats.  The roll bar remains, in no way limiting the feeling of driving a convertible.  But its massive strength protects the passengers safely and reliably.  With this roll bar, BMW has added to the convertible concept an additional safety factor, which many open-car drivers of today would not want to be without.”
This example:  The Werk Shop did a complete, no two parts stayed together, high quality, show winning restoration on this vehicle for a Doctor in Dayton, Ohio.  The car can be considered factory new and was finished and delivered to him in 2004.  It is in perfect condition with only a few tweaks and a tune up needed for perfect performance.  It is a smooth, comfortable driver that we lightly modified with sport springs, shocks, exhaust and larger carburetor. The collector then added the strut stress bar which can easily be removed.  Health and retirement have forced the sale.
This award winning collectable is priced to sell at $125,000
Don Dethlefsen
The Werk Shop


Monday, November 12, 2018

ONE OF A KIND (Actually Two of a Kind): 323i E21 Prototype HIS Cabrio Hardtop On Marktplaats!

Posted by our friend and fellow Baur owner Peter van Uum today in Facebook.  This is listed as a 'one of a kind prototype', but, as Peter points out, it is actually the SECOND example of an HIS Cabrio.  Peter owns the other one.

Marktplaats is in the Netherlands, so we assume that is where the car is also.


A truly unique (here idd is only one of them) E21 323i in good condition.

sometime (about 2001) I bought this car on a spur because without knowing immediately what it was, I knew for certain that it was something special here. After a long search and knocking on many closed doors, I discovered that it is a prototype of a project that was started by Toine Hezemans (former BMW factory driver) with the aim of exporting these cars to the USA in a certain edition. He was also completely in USA trim when I bought the car. At the time I spoke with the director of Indupol in Belgium (who made the special roof structure) and he confirmed that this is indeed the only one.

The US trim, however, I found so ugly that I made a European one again.

The special feature is the roof structure: the roof is removable in 3 parts (front part - like a Baur, middle section and rear window) .The big advantage in terms of use is that you just have a glass rear window and also see more than just moving spots All 3 parts can be stored in the trunk.

I.v.m. emigration now for sale.

At the time I had the bottom block overhauled and had the head revised and edited by racing boy Boy Huizer and had a somewhat sharper Schrick camshaft (I mean 272 degrees). Recently I have the distribution / water pump done and the entire inhibitorij renewed / overhauled.

Last summer (which was fortunately long and dry so that we could drive daily) we toured Europe for 2 months as a farewell. During that period, there was no fault with the car. He just turned out to be extremely reliable.

Equipped with all kinds of tasty options:

- original leather two-tone Recaro sports interior
- Alpina Tellerbak (from a C1)
- Alpina steering wheel (zgan)
- 5-bin
- electric mirrors Left & right
- power steering
- Alpina wheels 15 "(the REAL, with ET12 and so 6J before and 7J behind, as it should be)
- Alpina front spoiler
- FOHA rear spoiler
- Alpina chassis (Bilstein / Eibach)
- Alpina adjustable backstab (thicker and adjustable, see photos)
- Alpina sperdiff however WITHOUT the Alpina diffdeksel because I have sold because it did not fit when the standard exhaust was still there.
- Alpina exhaust (or the replacement recognized by the Alpina-Meinheimschaft because the original is no longer available) so the sound is all right :-)

- Clear paint on some spots damaged
- rust on the rear bumper
- first minute cold running he runs a little slow idle (not even noticing in summer)

Everything works and functions nicely and since I also possessed various Alpina's I can report that you will not find an E21 that is tighter around the corner than this one. With the fantastic sound as icing on the cake!


Een écht unieke (hier is er dus idd maar één van) E21 323i in goede staat.

ooit (ca. 2001) kocht ik deze auto in een opwelling want zonder direct te weten wát het was, wist ik wel zeker dat het hier iets bijzonders betrof. Na lang zoeken en op veel dichte deuren kloppen kwam ik er achter dat het een prototype betreft van een project dat ooit gestart is geweest door Toine Hezemans (toenmalig BMW-fabriekscoureur) met het doel deze auto's in een bepaalde oplage te exporteren naar de USA. Hij was ook geheel in USA-trim toen ik de auto kocht. Destijds heb ik de directeur van Indupol in België (die de bijzondere dakopbouw gemaakt hebben) gesproken en die bevestigde dat het inderdaad om dit enig exemplaar gaat.

De USA-trim vond ik echter zó lelijk dat ik er weer een europeaan van gemaakt heb.

Het bijzondere is de dakopbouw: het dak is in 3 delen uitneembaar (voorste deel -zoals bij een Baur-, middendeel en achterruit. Hét grote voordeel qua gebruik is overigens dat je gewoon een glazen achterruit hebt en ook wat meer ziet dan alleen maar bewegende vlekken. Alle 3 de delen kunnen in de kofferbak opgeborgen worden.

I.v.m. emigratie nu te koop.

Indertijd heb ik het onderblok laten reviseren en de kop laten reviseren en bewerken door racerij-tuner Boy Huizer en laten voorzien van een wat scherpere Schrick nokkenas (ik meen 272 graden). Recent heb ik de distributie/waterpomp laten doen en de gehele remmerij vernieuwd/gereviseerd.

Afgelopen zomer (die gelukkig lang én droog was zodat we dagelijks open konden rijden) 2 maanden lang mee door Europa getourd bij wijze van afscheid. In die periode geen enkele storing gehad aan de auto. Hij is gewoon uiterst betrouwbaar gebleken.

Voorzien van allerlei smakelijke opties:

- origineel lederen two-tone Recaro sport-interieur
- Alpina Tellerbak (van een C1)
- Alpina stuur (zgan)
- 5-bak
- elektrische spiegels Links & rechts
- stuurbekrachtiging
- Alpina wielen 15" (de ECHTE, met ET12 en dus 6J voor en 7J achter, zoals het hoort)
- Alpina voorspoiler
- FOHA achterspoiler
- Alpina onderstel (Bilstein/ Eibach dus)
- Alpina verstelbare achterstabi (dikker en verstelbaar, zie foto's)
- Alpina sperdiff echter ZONDER het Alpina diffdeksel want die heb ik verkocht omdat die er niet op paste toen de standaard uitlaat er nog onder zat.
- Alpina uitlaat (cq de door de Alpina-gemeinschaft erkende vervanger omdat het origineel niet meer te krijgen is) dus het geluid is helemaal in orde :-)

- Blanke lak op een paar plekjes beschadigd
- roest op de achterbumper
- eerste minuut koudloop loopt hij wat langzaam stationair ('s zomers niet eens te merken)

Alles werkt & functioneert netjes en aangezien ik ook diverse Alpina's bezeten heb kan ik melden dat je geen E21 vindt die strakker de hoek om gaat dan deze. Met het fantastische geluid als kers op de taart!