1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baur #10175 Spotted In Denmark!

Congratulations to Ciornei Andrei of Denmark, who posted these pics of his TC2 Baur in Facebook today!  Welcome to Baurspotting!

Here is his introduction to the group:

"Hi, this is my free rust Baur TC2 316. Someone can tell me more details about Baur SN and history about this car?
PS: it's for sale".

Our friend and Baur Guru Jeroen Janssen was quick to chime in with some helpful info for him:

B50175-14 translates to Baur #10175.

Welcome to Baurspotting, Ciornei Andrei! 

Happy Easter From Baurspotting!


The BMW Easter Egg is from here:

My wife Cathy made the Easter Bunny pancakes for our two little grandsons.  ;)

1984 BMW 323i TC-2 Baur Targa in Hemmings!

Thanks to our friend Matt Davis for alerting us to this ad for an E30 TC2 in Hemmings!  It is a California car.

There are about a dozen pics here:

Check them out!  

Price: $13,499
Looks like it will need a rear window.....

.... and a little body work.

That is a very optimistic asking price for a less than perfect Baur.   The seller claims it is rust-free, so it may be worth a little negotiating.  :)

Watsonville, California 95076
Stock #:
1984 BMW E30 323i TC-2 Baur Targa
If you are interested in this vehicle or have any questions,
please call Scott at 831-687-0852. Please leave message
5 speed,
6 cylinder M20 140 HP with new drive belt and fluids and O2 sensor,
2007 catalyst,
E30 TC2 Baur Karosserie Build Number B-40287 Targa the TC-2 was 1400 total production made in Stuttgart from new 1984 323i BMW coupe.
It is CA titled, was smogged in 2013 and registered last year.
It has recent 2007 paint.
ALWAYS has been garaged, no rust at all anywhere!
No tears in leather or Leather Recaros or dash.
Has new tires and new Hartge Sport 15 wheels with new Hankook 195R5015's.
Leaks and burns no oil,
Rebuilt in Costa Mesa 45k miles ago at 150k (195k total less than 6.5k year since new).
Has ALL DOT and repair papers was DOT converted glass bumpers etc (has CA title) when imported,
Has one small dent (see pictures) and radio is nonop (as is driver electric mirror).
It is one of 25 known in USA,
Baur TC-2's are very well made from coupes, so much stiffer body than convertibles only M-3 type Targas ever made has Alpina steering wheel.
I am 2nd owner,
Factory manuals,
100 pages of receipts since 1987.
NO rust, always a California car.
Uses 20/50 GTX only.
Interior perfect and has dashmat and cocomats.
Price: $13,499
Watsonville, California 95076
Northwest Classic Auto Mall

Thanks, Matt!   ;)

Florida TC2 Baur Spotted For Sale!

UPDATED UPDATE:  Thanks to our friend Jonathan Bush, we have a link* to this Baur for sale on ebay!

UPDATE from Baur Guru Jeroen Janssen :  B42676-13, a new find!  Thanks, Jeroen! 

Thanks to our friend and fellow Baur owner, Jeff Dreibus, for the heads up on this TC2 Baur for sale in Florida.  No price listed, no Baur number, and no engine size shown.  It is a320i, per the VIN.

Not P

175,840 mi. Aurora Rd, Melbourne, FL
(888) 610-3790

Vehicle Details

Exterior Color:RedEngine:
Stock #:527205History: CARFAX Record Check
Drivetype:Interior Color:Black

Seller's Notes

Sophisticated, smart, and stylish, this 1985 BMW 3-Series turns even the most discerning heads. With a BMW engine powering this Manual transmission, you'll delight in the thrilling ease with which you commandeer the highway. . Visit Automax of Brevard at 1944 Aurora Rd. , Melbourne, FL 32935 today.ALL PRICES ARE CASH PRICES UNLESS STATED AND DO NOT REFLECT FINANCING* WE ARE THE BANK * NO CREDIT CHECK * WE ACCEPT ALL TRADES * YOU ARE APPROVED SO CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR TEST DRIVE OR TO GET MORE INFORMATION ON THIS VEHICLE.* ALL PRICES EXCLUDE TAXES,TAG AND DEALER FEES. *LOCATED IN MELBOURNE, FL * 5 MINUTES FROM EAU GALLIE BLVD EXIT 183 ON 1-95 * JUST A QUICK DRIVE FROM VERO, DAYTONA OR ORLANDO!! * AUTOMAX OF BREVARD * MYAUTOMAX.COM * 1944 AURORA ROAD MELBOURNE, FL 32935 Please contact our sales department for information on this specific vehicle. All of our vehicles are inspected prior to sale and are under warranty. Thanks, Respectfully, Danny Foreman


*This Baur is also now listed on ebay:

Thanks, Jeff and Jonathan! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

UPDATE: TC4 in the US --- Small Baur World Strikes Again!

We have an exciting update to our post yesterday about spotting the FIRST BMW TC4 Baur in the US!

Yes, it is a Small Baur World, folks!  

We KNOW that Baur, and have posted it in Baurspotting before at least twice!  Our friend, John van der Wal in Hungary, the man who alerted us to this discovery, is actually the previous owner of this TC4 Baur!  

Here is the first post we did on John's Baur, back in 2014:


And here is a fantastic video that John and his son Ruben shot of his car:



Thank you again, John, for sharing this info with us, and congratulations for being partly responsible for the FIRST TC4 in the United States!  ;)

Baur Spotted in Barcelona!

Thanks to Pedro Cruzado for posting this listing in Facebook today. The ad is from November 2014, apparently. I believe that this Baur was in Barcelona, Spain. Does anyone know this Baur?

BMW 320 BAUR. Año 81. ITV al día. 150.000kms. Totalmente revisado. Piel. Capota y pintura nueva.

Do we have any readers in the Barcelona area?  :)  Let's find this Baur, folks!  

Thank you for posting, Pedro! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

South African Beauty!

Thanks to Daiyann Dizza Daniels of Johannesburg, South Africa for posting a pic of his gorgeous white South African-built Baur!    I was curious to see more.... so I found several other pics posted on his Facebook page.  This is one gorgeous Baur--- and you know I love them in white!

Congratulations, Daiyann, and welcome to Baurspotting!  

Kudos, Daiyan!!  

Stunning News For Baur Lovers!

Thanks to our friend in Hungary, the Eagle-eyed Baurspotter John van der Wal, we have an exciting announcement to make!  Look what John spotted ..... in the USA!    This is a FIRST, folks! 

John sent me a link to a video the other day, and said only:  "Look at 2:30 into the video." No other clues.   Well, I can't resist a little mystery and suspense --- who can?  ;) ---- so I started the video and quickly skipped to the recommended moment!   The video consists of a guy walking around his car dealer's lot, showing his inventory.

The pics that follow are screen shots that I took of that video.... revealed just the way it was revealed to me!  


OK, here is the first clue.....and we recognize this front end.... it is a BMW E36.   Nothing unusual in that, except that for some reason it appears to have a strange Euro-style license plate.  Hmmm.   Why is John sending me a video of an E36? 

Well, the fact is, John has appeared in Baurspotting before, with his own E36.  But it was no ordinary E36.  ;)  

So I was very intrigued at this point!  :)  

 A few seconds later..... we  now see that this car is also not any ordinary E36, for it appears to have.....  a fabric cabrio roof!   Hmmm.   :)  

Hold everything!  I see lettering on that B Pillar!    And.... that is not a cabrio roof... it is a 'targa" top!    Yikes!  

Four doors!  Fixed windows!  It's a Baur! Whoa!  An E36 TC4 Baur ... in the USA!  One of only 311 ever built!  

And this is the FIRST one we have ever seen in  the US! 

Furthermore ... I am quite sure that it is the ONLY TC4 in the United States today! 

Wow!  What a coup!  Thank you John van der Wal for sending us this link!  How in the world did you ever find it!  Incredible! 

You are automatically nominated for:  Baurspotter of the Year!

As soon as I saw this video, I immediately called the dealer.  I did not reach the owner but I spoke to his associate, Gordon.  We had a great chat for a few minutes.  They know what they have!  And not only that but.... they have ANOTHER Baur!   Gordon told me that the other Baur is one of the 25 imported to North America!  Whoa!   There is only one way that he could know that, folk!   And the only way he could know that is......  because he read it in Baurspotting!  ;)  Yes, it is true!   He knows our blog!  Anyway, we had a great little funny chat, and we agreed to talk some more in the future.  They have some plans that may be of interest to our readers here at Baurspotting, and I will leave it at that!   ;)

OK, back to the TC4.  The car is not for sale.  At least not at this point.  It is located in the southern US.  VERY southern US.   Where gators and oranges are familiar parts of the landscape.  ;)

  I have been asked not to reveal too many details yet... but all in due time.   Trust me and stay tuned.  This is VERY exciting news, and I can't wait to share more!

 Thank you, John van der Wal!  I am always amazed at how global Baurspotting has become!   This is a perfect example:  our Dutch friend in Hungary links us up to an unbelievable discovery in our own backyard: the  southern US!  Wow!  I love this stuff!  :)   

John, you are a shoo-in for Baurspotter of the Year!   ;)

Incidentally, here is one example of the other cars that appear in this video.  Yeah, it's a Roller.  Nice, huh?     ;)  

Huge thanks again to John van der Wal for sending us this link.