1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Monday, November 4, 2013

WTF Dept: Flying Car!

Thanks to my wife Cathy for this link!  I have always wanted one of these, haven't you?  


A Flying Car!

Never get stuck in a traffic jam again! Flying car switches between land and sky - and can reach a top speed of 124mph

  • The AeroMobil 2.5 has a maximum speed of 99mph when driven as a car but in airplane mode can soar through the skies at 124mph
  • The hybrid vehicle is the brainchild of designers Stefan Klein and Jurak Vaculik based in Bratislava, in the Slovak Republic
  • The vehicle can be driven on normal roads and fit into a standard parking space when its wings are tucked in, according to the designers
An incredible flying car has been developed to let drivers skip traffic jams and take to the skies.
The vehicle can be driven on normal roads as well as being flown as a two-seater airplane, as it is able take off and land at any airport, 'opening the door to real door-to-door travel,' according to a Slovakian company.
Named the AeroMobil 2.5, the hybrid invention was unveiled at AeroTech, an airshow exhibition held in Montreal.

VIDEO here!

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