1985 323 VIN# WBAAA710109604156, BAUR B44582-15

Anyone want to save of Baur from certain death. This car is in North Berkeley, Ca. and really needs a better more loving home.
This pic is from last wk.

I have another 31 pics of this car. Interior, exterior, underside, most dings and scratches and some pics of the top.
Was interested in buying it over a yr ago and just saw it parked in my neighborhood again like this. Not sure of current condition, but I know we can get a hold of the owner and find out the cars story. I was lacking the time and money then and still have that same dilemma. I really hate to see this car go this way. Last pic is when I was looking at it after it was brought to an Indy shop by the owner that I frequent.

Somebody help!!