1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Friday, October 19, 2012

How Many Baur TC1s Came To The US? Baur TC1 Production and Export Numbers

How Many Baur TC1s Came To The US?  Baur TC1 Production and Export Numbers!


Ok.  For the first time, and based on the charts below from the Baur IG Registry, Baurspotting is going to go out on limb to estimate how many TC1 Baurs came to the US.

Yeah, you heard that right.  Folks have been asking me this for the past year and a half, and we have had trouble finding any reliable information that talked about numbers.

Well, we still don't have a definite number---- we may NEVER have that---- but what we DO have is information that allows us to make a reasonable estimate of the number of grey market E21 Baurs that may have come into the US.

Check out the "Total Production of TC1 Models" chart below.  At the right of that chart is the following:

Of a total of 4595 vehicles produced at the factory in 1545 are exported and have been delivered 3050 in Germany.
According to research, however, a total of 1839 TC1 unknown in the export trade and 14 vehicles status =
2756 + / - 14 to remain in Germany 

OK.  Are you with me?

1)  Total production of TC1              =  4595
2) Number of TC1  officially exported =1545  this includes 3 officially exported to the US.
                                                                        (See chart 3:   the researched factory export figures)        
3) Number delivered to Germany       = 3050

However..... it appears that 1839 Baurs were involved in export, not 1545!  Leaving 2756 Baur TC1s in Germany, not 3050.  Therefore if only 2756 of the supposed 3050 Baurs can be accounted for as being in Germany.... what happened to the other 294?


OK.... it does appear that 14 TC1 Baurs are in an unknown status.

Therefore, if there were 4595 TC1 Baurs built, and if 2756 (+/- 14 of unknown status) can be confirmed as going to Germany, and if 1545 can be confirmed as officially exported......


Where indeed?  I don't know if there were other countries besides the US that had a 'grey market' for BMW Baurs.  It is possible that some of those 294 (+/- 14) went to other places.

The theory I am advancing here, and it is ONLY a theory, is that those 294 (+/- 14) may represent a maximum number of TC1 Baurs that were brought into the US through the grey market.  Don't forget that BMW officially states that 3 additional Baurs were imported through their dealer network.

294.  +/- 14.

So that is Baurspotting's estimate of the maximum number of TC1 Baurs that could have come to the US.  The number could easily be lower than this estimate.  But I highly doubt that it could be much higher.

What do YOU think?

I am open to suggestion or argument.  This number is not set in stone.  I could be wrong.  :)  But it is a reasonable starting point for the discussion.

So if we accept that theoretical starting number (294 +/- 14), we may wonder how many of those are left after about 30 years.

We have found about 85 93 (as of 6/9/2014) here at Baurspotting, give or take a couple.    There are still more to find out there, no doubt.  (The discovery of "NEW FINDS" in the US has slowed down considerably since this post was first published in October 2012.  We have only found 7 more in the last 1 1/2 years!  I am not sure what this means, but it COULD mean that we are getting close to our goal of finding them all!   It seems that we have picked off most of the 'low-hanging fruit', and those that remain to be found are perhaps well hidden.)

But I do think we are off to a pretty good start toward our goal of finding them all!!

Onward and upward, folks!  Keep up the GREAT work!

This is an update, and an expansion, of some data that we have previously discussed.
TC1-Individual - Figures - Facts - Extradition
Prdouzierte BMW Baur TC1 - No. A000001 to A004595 in the period from 1978 to 1982:

Year19781979198019811982Total Amount *

Said the total quantity refers to all the body building firm in Stuttgart produced and shipped worldwide BAUR TC1.
* Total number of built BMW E21, BMW AG d: 1,354,961
Total production of TC1 models
Quantities during the production periodExport fate / stay in the country of production
318 / 318i


Of a total of 4595 vehicles produced at the factory in 1545 are exported and have been delivered 3050 in Germany.
According to research, however, a total of 1839 TC1 unknown in the export trade and 14 vehicles status =
2756 + / - 14 to remain in Germany
The researched factory export figures at a glance:
Africa15France148Qatar2Arab Emirates8
Egypt7French Guyana2Colombia11Singapore2
Argentina1Guadaloup1Martinique1South Africa85
Australia82Hong Kong13Netherlands70Tunisia1
Cayen1Jordan1Saudi Arabia2Cyprus4
Dänmark5Canary Islands2Switzerland38
Remaining stock in the Federal Republic of Germany:
The number of currently existing or approved in Germany currently TC1 is not searchable. The TC1 have been on the car-specific code number of E21 sedans recorded at KBA in Flensburg, so that it no selection could be made. On balance, however, the world exist only a few hundred copies. A brief overview can be found in currently researched TC1 TC1-register (see below).
Delivery of the BAUR Topcabriolets / BAUR badge
The TC1 were delivered via the BMW dealership network with the equipment codes of BMW AG. As part of the production at the Stuttgart BAUR TC1 received but also an independent Produkionsnummer that each TC has also made a comprehensible unique.
Indicated this was riveted by the engine compartment of the dome on the linksseiitg Schraubkante "BAUR production plaque." At inception, this BAUR plate was then also further inside the engine compartment, next to / below the Schraubkante. It provides information about the production number as well as a built-up part of BAUR top choice. BAUR each label is far too unique and not reproducible.
Deciphering the BAUR production numberHood colors code
PVC black1
PVC light beige2 (2x)
Sun Country-black3
PVC black11
Sun Country-black13
Sun Country-dark blue14
Sun Country-dark brown15
Sun Country-white29 (1x)

Another BAUR feature found on the BAUR side panels of the roof structure. Here the "Baur" logo can be found in different versions. While the NFL models here wear Clipped BAUR lettering, there was also sometimes provided with carrier foil and embossed lettering in the diaphragms.  

International TC1 register
Including the total 4595 BAUR TC1 exists the International TC1 register here on the pages of BAUR TC1.de. In the register you can find information on the researched so far since 2007 TC1.

Current market prices according to the classic car market / as of April 2011
VehicleCondition 1Condition 2Condition 3State 4
315 Baur 81-83 75 HP14.900, -
11.400, - (2009)
7.000, -
5.300, - (2009)
4.000, -
2.500, - (2009)
1.700, -
1.100, - (2009)
316 Baur 78-80 90 hp (80-82)14.900, -
11.800, - (2009)
7.800, -
5.900, - (2009)
4.300, -
2.800, - (2009)
1.900, -
1.100, - (2009)
316 Baur 80-82 90 hp (78-80)15.200, -
12.000, - (2009)
7.800, -
5.900, - (2009)
4.400, -
2.800, - (2009)
2.000, -
1.100, - (2009)
318 Baur 78-80 98 HP16.000, -
12.800, - (2009)
8.000, -
6.700, - (2009)
4.500, -
3.200, - (2009)
2000, -
1.200, - (2009)
318i Baur 80-82105 PS14.900, -
12.800, - (2009)
6.700, - (2009)
5.300, -
3.200, - (2009)
2.200, -
1.200, - (2009)
320 Baur 78-82122 PS16.900, -
15.100, - (2009)
8.900, -
7.800, - (2009)
5.300, -
3.800, - (2009)
2.300, -
1.300, - (2009)
323i Baur 77-82143 PS16,700, -
18,700, - (2009)
11.200, - (2009)
7.100, -
8.000, - (2009)
3000, -
3.200, - (2009)

This info was obtained from our friends at:
Thank you!

Check out their site!  Tons of great Baur stuff there!

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