1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The E21 Revolution!

Bauspotting wants to give a nod to what appears to be a growing appreciation of our beloved E21, long a poor cousin to its more famous brethren, the iconic 2002 and the legendary E30.  We are 100% supportive of this growing movement, and with the Alpinas, the Baurs and the 'is' models leading the way, along wth the many fantastic individual modified examples (whose numbers are too numerous to mention), we hope to soon see the E21 take its rightful place in the Pantheon of Great BMWs!

The recent SoCal Vintage Show in Van Nuys, CA on October 29, 2011, is a great example of the the potential comeback of the E21.  Below are some pics from the show, from various sources, including Jimbo, E21favruzzi and daryl, among others. Thanks to all!   The last few pics are some of the great images, logos, badges, etc.,  that E21 Legion members Jimbo and Milo, respectively, have come up with recently. They may also help promote an awareness of the growing popularity of the E21.

The E21 legion lineup.  A number of cars had already left by the time the photo was taken.  That is an impressive pic!

The Alpina was a prize winner at the show, I am told.

E21 Legion group photo

Koko's beautiful Baur

A pickup, white Hartge, and a 2002 Baur Targa (right to left).

Track, anyone?

Jimbo's sig in Bimmerforums

Jimbo's E21 Legion Logo

Call me crazy, but I see a face in that hood.  Eyes, nose, mouth.... 

Maybe I have had too much Hallowe'en candy.   :)

Milo's conception of an E21 flag/banner. 
N.B. The hazard switch symbol bottom center.  ;)
The shield below is from the Roman XXI Predator Legion, and was cited by milo as part of the inspiration for the flag above.  Check this thread in bimmerforums for more info on the history of that Legion.
More pics and info here:


Onward and upward, E21 Legion!


  1. Tom - YOU da man. I also like Milo's nice touch with the hazard switch logo. I do have electrical issues. Maybe, I should just start there!

  2. Totus via plumbum ut discrimen switch.

    All roads lead to.... the hazard switch!