1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Riddle Me This: 1959 Rambler American With A Window 'Air Conditioner'!

May 30 UPDATE: UPDATE: Thank you Micah Oh Two from Victoria for the new pic of an ‘02 with one of these ‘swamp coolers’! Check out the additional pic below!  ;)  

Ocean Beach, New London, CT, kicked off the Monday Cruise Night season last week.  I couldn't make it last week, but I did attend this week's show.  Attendance at this point in the season is often sparse, but I did spot this little unique gem!  A Rambler American Super built in Kenosha, Wisconsin!  But check out this little window item!!!  The 'Sea Breeze Car Cooler'!  This is the first time I have seen anything like this1  Does anyone have the info on this?  I should have stopped and chatted up the owner, but I didn't see him with the car.  Mea culpa.  If I see this car again, I will be sure to talk to the owner!   

UPDATE from My friend Corey Dalba in Mississippi:    Corey Dalba:   "During cruising the coast. An 8 day 24hr car show that take place here annually. Roughly 30k cars show up. I see these all over the place during that time. I asked a guy with one mounted to a studebaker pickup truck how it works. Evidently theres a space for ice... And of course as air is trapped by the mouth it pressurizes the "ice chamber" and blows a nice stream of cold air." 

Frickin' brilliant!  

Thank you, Corey!   I love it!  ;)  

Note the 'air conditioner" unit in the passenger side window!

Learn Something New Every Day Department!  ;)

Update from Micah Oh Two in Victoria:

Leave it to the Aussies!  ;)  It is known as a 'swamp cooler', or in Australia-speak:  a 'swampee', or so I am told!  I love it! 

Stay tuned to learn more about this!  

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