1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Friday, July 1, 2011

UPDATE: Going Global!!!

(This is a partial repost, to show how far Baurspotting has reached since we started in February, 2011. 74 countries, plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico! Antarctica is the only continent that has not reported any Baurs. YET! But we will keep trying!)

Over the course of these first few days with the blog, I have noticed a fairly widespread interest in the topic from far afield:  the blog has been viewed in its first week by people in the USA, of course, Puerto Rico and Canada....but also South Korea, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Australia and Singapore.  We truly are a Global Village, different in so many ways, but also sharing some common interests.

3/6/2011 Update:  Add Finland, Palestinian Territories, Croatia, Belarus, Romania, Thailand.  Switzerland, South Africa. Indonesia and Chile. Algeria and Ireland.
3/20/2011: Welcome, Japan. You are in our hearts and minds in the wake of the recent tragic events there.
3/24/2011:  Serbia. 3/27/2011 India.  3/28/2011:  Austria. 4/1/2011 Costa Rica.  4/7/2011 Lebanon. 4/9/2011 China!  4/10/2011 Hello Tunisia! 4/15/2011 Egypt! 4/17/2011 Buon Giorno, Italia!!  4/18/2011 New Zealand.  Kiwis aboard!  4/21/2011 Welcome Jordan and Malaysia! 4/22/2011 Welcome Brazil! Latvia! 4/24/2011 Welcome Greece!  4/26/2011 Welcome United Arab Emirates!  4/28/2011 Welcome Botswana! Welcome Venezuela!

55 countries plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.... And counting! 4/30/2011 Welcome Ecuador! 5/2/2011 Welcome Iran!  5/2/2011 Welcome Mexico, just in time for Cinco de Mayo! 5/7/2011 Welcome Lithuania!  5/10/2011 Welcome Hong Kong! 5/16/2011 Welcome Slovakia! 5/2/2011 Welcome Uruguay!  5/23/2011  Welcome Bosnia and Herzegovina!  5/27/2011 Welcome Cyprus!  5/30/2011 Welcome Taiwan!  Welcome Honduras! 6/5/2011 Welcome Iraq! 6/8/2011 Welcome Bulgaria! 6/11/2011 Welcome Moldova! Welcome Pakistan! 6/12/2011. Welcome Malta! 6/19/2011 Welcome Saudi Arabia! 6/26/2011 Welcome Nigeria! 7/1/2011 Welcome El Salvador!

7/17/2011 Welcome Latvia!  7/20/2011 Welcome Estonia! 7/26/2011 Welcome Peru! 7/27/2011 Welcome Sri Lanka! 7/30/2011 Welcome Bangladesh! 7/31/2011 Welcome Cayman Islands! 8/4/2011. Welcome Ghana!  8/11/2011 Welcome Brunei! 8/14/2011 Welcome Albania! 8/19/2011. Welcome Qatar! 8/22/2011 Welcome Slovenia! 
9/7/2011 Cool Runnings, Jamaica!  Yah, Mon!
9/12/2011 Welcome Armenia!    9/16/2011 Welcome Montenegro!  88 countries and counting!  9/25/2011 Welcome Jersey! 9/26/2011 Welcome Georgia!  9/30/2011 Welcome Netherlands Antilles!  10/14/2011 Welcome Iceland!! Site of the 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Chess Championship. 10/19/2011 Welcome Macedonia!  11/2/2011 Welcome New Caledonia!!  11/7/2011 Welcome Haiti! 11/8/2011 Welcome Kenya!!  11/16/2011 Welcome Island of Reunion! http://www.reunionisland.net/. 11/28/2011 Welcome Trinidad and Tobago! 11/28/2011 Welcome Luxembourg!

So far I have only figured out how to make a very primitive map, using push pins for locations, and attaching a brief description of each car.  I haven't figured out a way to add pics, and I am not sure that it is possible. Suggestions are welcome. 

However.... there is that wonderful International Baur Registry site, and they HAVE figured out how to post pics!!  So if you have a car that you would like to be included on the Baur map, send your info to me at my email.  If you'd like to get your car's pic posted.... send your info to the International Baur Registry, if you have not done so already.  Please note the picture format that is required for each car in the Registry:  include a pic of the Baur number plate on the left front quarter panel. 

If all of that is too much trouble, you can just send all the above information to me, and I will take care of posting both on the map, and forwarding the pics etc., to the Registry.  (I hope I don't regret making that offer.)   :)

I love having visual aids, such as Google maps;  they help give us a valuable perspective as to our relative proximity to each other, which can be very helpful, for example, when we get around to considering the possibility of some kind of get-together, or a mass showing of Baurs at some regional event.  Perhaps at Bimmerfest East, August 6, 2011 Aberdeen, MD!! I will be there! I am hoping some other Baur owners will join us, as well as other E21 owners. We have 6 registered as of today. The more the merrier!

When, and if, that does occur, I have a suggestion for promoting the Baurs as a group:  all the Baurs park together, and post an identifying sign:   WELCOME TO THE BAURY! 

Here is the link to the Google Map of Baur TC1s in the US, showing what we have found to date;

I will continue to update this map as we go along.

UPDATE: New Google map: 
BMW Baur Locations Around the World  (only one post so far.... want to add your Baur?  Email info to me.)

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