1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BMW 2002ti Diana by Baur in the Canary Islands

"This car was built in August 1971 at the factory 

Baur in Stuttgart."*

Now that I have gotten your attention....  ;)

The Twelve Original BMW 2002ti Dianas at Stuttgart Neckar Stadium.

Why was this picture taken at Stuttgart?  :) 
Answer?  Because that is where the Baur Factory is located and, yes, all of these conversions were done by Baur!


Tonight I stumbled upon this old 2002ti Diana thread, from "Club BMW Clasicos Colombia".

WARNING:  I do not speak Spanish.  The text below was originally entirely in Spanish.  It was translated by Google Translate, so I apologize in advance for the awkwardness and clumsiness of the text.  It doesn't always make complete sense.... for example, Google had trouble translating the word "Diana' apparently.  It refers to Diana as 'target'. 

The basic story here is that a BMW 2002ti Diana was apparently discovered in the Canary Islands a few years ago, somewhat modified in appearance, and used in racing.  What you will read below are excerpts from this thread from 2007-2012

I have to tell you that this was a challenging task.  I half expected at any moment to discover that the whole thing was a prank or a mistake.... or a fraud.  Unless I missed something glaring in the translation, however, as far as I can tell, it appears to be legit..... at least for the yellow car.

A second Diana appears at the end of the thread, apparently located in Japan.  There appear to be questions about its authenticity, however, and, frankly, I am not sure what to make of it.

I offer this for your input and evaluation, and perhaps we can ultimately arrive at the truth.

If you are unfamiliar with the BMW 2002ti Diana, I would suggest that you check out this post from last July for a little background information.  Since there were only 12 specially-commissioned Dianas ever built, the Diana is the rarest of the rare in the BMW world.

"The BMW 2002 you target was a special car, manufactured by the factory in 1971, and cost about DM 22,500, while a 2002 frames 12.321 costing you. They were introduced only 12 of them, all different colors, in honor of the German actress Diana Körner grace to her husband who was Hubert Hahne BMW dealer. He wanted to surprise his wife with this car specially made for her, but caused considerable attention because 11 cars were produced at the request of customers more special, created under license from BMW Hahne, called DIANA."

Modifications and additions to the car luxuries were:
- Electric sunroof
- Recaro seats
- Luxury upholstered doors
- Shift knob and handbrake lever in leather
- Rear defogger
- Tinted windows
- Special double front grille headlight (taken from 2800)
- Ampere meter
Timon wood-sports
- Radio stereo Becker
- Front and rear bomperetas
- Laminated panoramic
- Special exhauster
- Bullet racing mirror type (bullet)

The 12 Diana units produced correspond to the VIN 1690201 to 1690212.

Editor's Note:  What you will read below are clumsily translated excerpts from this thread from 2007-2012.

You can click the link and find them in their original Spanish.  They appear exactly as translated by Google;  I have not edited or modified them in any way.  The existence of this 2002ti Diana has been confirmed.  It appears in the 1 o'clock position in the group picture above.

"Jonasito that car have changed a bit but it is a real Diana, and belonged to the wife of D. Walter Sauerman, so if not know the story does not confuse people. Today belongs to Jose Reyes."

"Harry, searching the information I had read about that target 2002ti still alive, this is what I found. The front grille was replaced twice a plastic headlight 73 models. From inside are not photos, but some engine and exterior. But the strange fijate preparer platelet Hubert Hahne, pilot Dusseldorfel BMW agent and husband of actress Diana Körner. Hubert Hahne was the creator of the 2002 target's.

Rescuing the information in this post, I can only say that the car was registered to Walter Sauermann on January 5, 71 and that the VIN number is 1690211, which actually corresponds to the target 2002ti number 11.

Here are the pics. The owner (resident of Spain) is looking for the original lighthouse kidney grille, hopefully get lucky, it is a museum piece."

"I confirm on another forum that the target number 1690211 2002ti was colored originalmnete GELB (one yellow ocher), which coincides perfectly with the car, and it was not crashed, but that taste of the owner of that time did not like the 4 headlights but everything is saved for installation"

"Hello, I am from Spain, specifically, Gran Canaria

Seeing this post dedicated to the BMW 2002 target you, I can say that we are proud to have a model of its kind on the island, Frame No. 1,690,211, which is apparent in this website _: http://www.bmw- 02-club.de/fgnr.htm here come all BMW models with chassis numbers.

Indeed this is yellow, the current owner bought it a few years ago, and was without the dual headlight grill, has achieved, but is plastic and apparently want to get the metal grid to have it as it came.

The car now has a touch of racing, as its owner is participating in Canary Regularity Rally, where his BMW target is the center of attention for its history and its state of preservation.

Little by little I will upload some photos that I have on the trunk of memories"
Noviembre 21, 2008,

"I see Jonasito also knows of what he speaks, does have the fuzz on the board and that is fine, because the real was very run down with several court, the windows are manual, and nowhere has that nonelectric constacia (since there is no wiring on any side).

The owner at the last rally of regularity said he would not run more with Diana, putting him for sale and buy another BMW (in this case as Jonasito says an e21 323i).

Regarding the avatar picture is a BMW 635csi (slot) of a pilot replica Canario that marked an era in the Rallye nice." 
Noviembre 24, 2008

"635 Concerning the Canary send you a picture of it in the original, it has the same friend of the BMW that send the picture the other day the last of all.
As for Diana I can speak for what I saw from the beginning D. RIP Walter Sawuermann consecionario by then BMW and personal friend of Hanne brought to three of the Canary Islands that are out here that is only mentioned at the top of the page. Several weeks ago coincided eating D.Walter's son, and I confirm what I'm commenting, but if I can say that several design Hanne 2002 before Diana came in the Canary Islands, the mechanics are practically based on that of BMW 1800 Tisa, the time cars were very fast and I was lucky enough to drive one plate whose Spanish was GC-50776, was owned by my good friend and mentor in competitions Geronimo Gomez del Rosario known for (Momin) which in turn was winner of several Grand Prix, were the days!, well there I leave you with a little more history, Diana and I have to original copy of its registration, greetings."  Abril 19, 2009

"Miguel addition to their nice cars, great knowledge of 2002, is also a real box of surprises ...

target 2002ti photos before being painted yellow, and its registration documents. In fact, the VIN is the one target"  Abril 21, 2009

"The front of the car no longer belonged
and I fijasteis that the clock was bringing it on the board but on the console would look like or what will have changed.

Miguel does not cease to amaze. Some trying to take one 2002 photo paper target you and your we show up with registration papers" Abril 22, 2009

"Also I received ... It has been built only 12 and that today, there are 2. The 12 were painted all in one color only, go as you could ask today also a new BMW. It cost 2 times (20,000 DM) of the cost of each regular Ti. The previous owner was a client of yours and was years behind the purchase and finally got it. He says he never in his life will sell. Speaking of the kind that was rally driver, not much.

Personally I consider horrible. Electric roof, brown leather, radio becker etc. Hahne ground that such a design it as a wedding gift to his girlfriend / wife Diana. Little will love this woman to make such savagery ..." 

Diciembre 15, 2009

Well, our friend Bernard very kindly sent me the translation of this text

DIANA, this name is Mr. Michael Cahsel delight. "Diana" says forties now and again "Diana". But "Diana" is not his fiancee or his mistress, but his car, a BMW 2002 TI-olive green-metallic. And the stern of the ship adorns the notice: Powered by Hubert Hahne. "This was old German racing driver wanted in his time in this way to inform the public his love for German actress Diana Körner, famous at that time in the German environment . In her honor, Mr. Hahne conceptualized this BMW 2002 TI and Mrs. Körner gift on the day of your wedding. Enseguido, he produced 12 cars over this prototype and everyone was selling like hotcakes.
"This car is very special," says Cahsel. "Among others, in the front has four lanterns encrusted on the grill. Has also sport seats and interior is lined with genuine leather brown color. Equipped with Becker stereo system, the most modern of its time, and has a roof electric models rare in the seventies. Such extras had its price: The 2002 TI BMW car cost 20,000 DM seventies. "This car was built in August 1971 at the factory Baur in Stuttgart.*  10,000 marks each buyer paying more, received a "Diana" with a different color and unique. "Today day survive only two cars in this series," says Cahsel. One of these is his property. "This is the rarest BMW that never existed, I'll never sell." Where are the other ten models Hahne BMW 2002 TI esclarezer failed. Possibly, the owners of these cars believed that treatment of about 02 more with some technical changes. And did not know that these types of BMW were the rarest. Cahsel bought this car from a judgment of susecion. "The previous owner was once my client and I confessed that I would possibly the owner when he would die.", "A well presented chance once in one's life," says Cahsel, who for 24 years this BMW selling 02. "In addition, the car has had only a single owner."
Currently, Diana is parked in the window of your business in the Mindener Strasse to the end of the winter. When spring will come in April next year, he thinks out his love for his native streets Bad Oynhausen. But: "Only when there is sun, porqque a gem so it has to look". He also presented to Diana in exhibitions. More thing: His love of BMW 2002 TI can be seen up to the plate: Alli is written in black letters on white background: DIANA."

"Today I traveled between islands coincidentally the owner of Diana and talked long and between the issues and questions I asked him was precisely the sunroof and indeed it has and it is electric, since in the comments made by here not conform to reality, despite having the competition chairs currently have now saved the original Recaro at home with Solex carburetors, now is trying to leave the most primitive possible and changing the front and grills, this my comments and my explanation as I was in doubt for some time because he did not see the car."  
Enero 08, 2010

Ed. Note:  This pic is from a Spanish forum discussing the same car in the Canary Islands:

A Diana in japan?  Excerpted from BMW Vintage Classics group on FB.  This one is unconfirmed, folks.  And very questionable.  

There are reports of two more Dianas in Iran, but those reports are equally questionable and unconfirmed.  I do not have the VIN numbers for any of these three.  If we could obtain that information, we could come to a conclusion one way or the other on the authenticity of these cars.  The Diana VINs are well known.  They are 12 consecutive numbers, btw.

Additional info:
can you get pics of those diana's just for history sake
I germany there is a believe thet there are just 4 left in the world
the one from Andy Andexer
the brown one from Heino Stolle
a green one in the hands of Cashel and a yellow one in the canary islands
so now 2 more that means a servival rate of 50 % which is awesome
Aug 07, 2011 

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