1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction Results February 15 and 16 2013

Thanks to Chamoix in Athens, GA from 2002FAQ for this link!

Here are the top 10 results from the recent RM Auction at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Georgia. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was watching a casting call for "CARS' or "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?"  Some of these are straight out of "Toon Town"!  Nevertheless, I love these little cars.  What's not to like?  ;)

For the rest of the results of this fascinating event, check out this link:

Enjoy!  This is an amazing site, btw.  Click on each car..... you will see a whole series of closeups as well as notes on each vehicle.  Outstanding job, fascinating stuff!


15 - 16 February 2013

Lot 603

Sold for $322,000
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 594

Sold for $184,000
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 613

Sold for $172,500
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 590

Sold for $161,000
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 297

Sold for $138,000
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 563

Sold for $132,250
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 623

Sold for $126,500
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 258

Sold for $120,750
2013 - Bruce Weiner
Lot 595

Sold for $115,000
2013 - Bruce Weiner

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