1982 BMW 323i Baur

1982 BMW 323i Baur
Memorial Day 2010 First Drive 1982 323i BMW Baur Lapisblau M20 5 speed #4154 of 4595 made. The car was imported to California by Dietel Enterprises. I have since changed the wheels, installed the clear turn signal lenses, and I am in the process of installing a new cabriolet roof. I have to do something about those bumpers, too. :) I love this car! To see one of the reasons why, check my post "Score One For the Good Guys" on 6/26/2011.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

California 1975 BMW 2002 Baur Cabrio Targa in Hemmings: $26,500---With A Weird Twist!

1975 BMW 2002 Baur Cabrio Targa

I came across a strange ad*(see below) today while surfing craigslist.  The craigslist ad referenced an ad from Hemmings for a 1975 2002 Cabrio Targa by Baur.  I present the Hemmings ad first, and then you can continue reading to see the rather weird twist* the story takes!

Seller's text:
 Beverly Hills, California, 90210
 Lime Green

Seller’s Description: 

1975 BMW 2002 Baur Targa
'75 BMW 2002 Baur Targa in lime green with black interior with houndstooth seats. Gorgeous color combination. Comes equipped with a manual transmission, small chrome bumpers and includes the spare tire. Very clean and detailed engine bay. Excellent original California car. Mechanically sound.
For $26,500 USD
If you have any additional questions Please call 310-975-0272
Check out our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BevHillsCarClubInc
Price: $26,500 


*Now here is the weird twist: Below I have posted the ad in craigslist that first brought this car to my attention today. 

1975 BMW 2002 BAUR TARGA, $26,500. on Hemmings:

BUYER BEWARE: FYI: I looked at this car, unrestored, when it was for sale as a rusty project,
about 5 years ago in LA. It was an unsafe car then due to structural rust.
Someone, for some reason, felt the need to post this "Caveat Emptor' criagslist ad in California about this Baur that was being advertised in Hemmings!  And he did not leave any way to contact him for more information!!  He included 20 pics that, if I understand him correctly, were taken in 2011, apparently before this car was restored.  

There is no way to verify any of this, or to even know that this is the same car, although the rear shock tower repair certainly makes it look like the same car.  I wonder if the current seller is aware of this, and what his reaction would be to getting slagged off like this by an anonymous person on craigslist.  I will try to contact the current seller to alert him to this.  

So stay tuned to see what comes out of this! 

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