Friday, June 29, 2012

Baur History: Chronological Chart

I found this page a couple of months ago.  Lots of great material here, including a chart of the Baur company history.  The site is actively interested in any information about Baurs, especially any pictures of the models listed below.  Great stuff for students of automobile history, like myself.

1936-37 BMW 329 2+2 Cabrio bodied by Baur 

Development history of the company body BAUR GmbH, Stuttgart

1910Company Formation
1910 - 1927Production of single structures and carrying out repair work
1912first patent (276 663) "umlegbares masking for luxury cars"
1913"Record"-body combination
1927Maybach convertible
1927 - 1935first series production order for 200 convertibles brand walkers
1928BAUR begins the era of "spot welding"
1929 - 1939Development and production of convertible HORCH PULLMANN
1935Production for Wanderer, DKW and BMW (320/326)
1936Ford V8 Convertible Sedan
1936Wanderer W25K Cabriolet
1936 - 1941Development and production of the DKW F5, F7 and F8
1938Lancia Aprilia Sport Cabriolet
1938BMW 320 Sport Cabriolet
1939Opel Admiral Convertible
1939 - 1945Workshop production of cars, truck chassis, power generators, Drum Trucks, cars, car operation
1945 - 1950Reconstruction of the devastated production
1949 - 1952DKW F10 production and conversion of the pre-war models on M49 steel body
1950 - 1953Development and production "Veritas Dyna" Panhard with aggregates
1953 - 1955Development and production of the BMW 501
1954 - 1956Development and production of two-door coupe and four-and convertibles based on the BMW 501/502
1956 - 1957Development and production of complete Maico 500
1957 - 1965Development and production of the Auto Union 1000 SP
1961 - 1963Production of bodyshells of the BMW 700 Convertible
1963 - 1964Manufacture of roof construction for the DKW F12
1964 - 1965Shell of the BMW 700 LS Coupe
1967 - 1975Development and production of convertibles based on the BMW 1600/2002
1973 - 1979Development and production of complete vehicles Bitter CD
1976 - 1978Development and production of the Opel Kadett Aero
1978 - 1982Development and production of the BMW BAUR TC 1 (E21)
1978 - 1981Final assembly and completion of the BMW M1
1978 - 1987Production of the BMW 7 Series vehicle safety
1980 - 1991Production of welded assemblies for the Audi Quattro
1983 - 1991Development and production of the BMW BAUR TC 2 (E30)
1984Production of Kevlar body of the Audi Sport Quattro
1985 - 1988Production of shell bodies for the Porsche 959 !!!
1988Presentation of BAUR TC3
1988 - 1991Production and final assembly of the space frame of the BMW Z1
1992 - 1996Development and production of the BMW BAUR TC4 (E36)

Data from the website of BAUR TC2 Interest Group

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